What Has Simon Cowell Done To His Face?

A former musician and skill representative who came to be a global household name, Simon Cowell has created lots of hit shows like the “America’s Got Ability,” “Britain’s Got Talent” and “The X-Factor”. He was, for some time, the most resented guy in America as the insulting judge on “American Idol.”

But his blunt remarks to aspiring singers and abilities during the tryout rounds is in fact just a put-on of a personality he gives television. In reality, Simon is cherished by his abilities who have because reached wonderful success in the entertainment industry, including Kelly Clarkson and One Direction.

While his portfolio is absolutely fantastic, followers have been questioning what the heck has been taking place to Simon’s puffy face recently. People can not stop murmuring concerning him obtaining botox fillers and there were also talks that the TELEVISION ability judge has gone through a face surgery to decrease the wrinkles on screen.

Let’s face it, this British male has gotten on the television show business for nearly twenty years, so even if he had gotten plastic surgery, we can’t truly see anything wrong with it.

The only inquiry we have is, what anti-aging treatment did a guy, who’s pressing 60 years old, get?

Before and After

To discover the sort of cosmetic treatments that Simon Cowell got to improve his look, we’ll check out several of his before and after images. Let’s see if his improvement should have a gold buzzer!

Did Simon Cowell have botox?

Did Simon Cowell Have Botox?

During his early looks on television, Simon’s face looked harsh and tough. He had deep lines and wrinkles around his eyes, as seen in this before image. But some years later on, those lines went away, as this after picture will certainly show.

Simon has given that been showing up in public with smoother skin as if he has layers of makeup on. He’s additionally got fuller and youthful cheeks, which just means one point: he’s getting botox injections.

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Has Simon had a face lift?

Has Simon Cowell Had Face Lift?

These contrast pictures appear like 2 various individuals, don’t you believe? Based on this photographic evidence in front of us, it’s rather feasible that Simon has had a facelift. We simply don’t think skin care creams and also dermatologist can turn around a skin disease like that.

Apart from the going away wrinkles around the eye location, Simon’s face looks so tightened and smooth post-surgery. Actually, he looks years younger in the after image. So if this is true, then to Simon Cowell’s plastic surgeon credit scores, he has done a really excellent job with this procedure.

Did he get cheek implants?

Did Simon Cowell Get Cheek Implants?

Simon really did not have prominent cheekbones back then. His cheek location was virtually completely flat, as seen in the left picture. However, his after pic reveals his cheekbones are really puffy now.

After examining a variety of photos and video clips, we question he had cheek implants and it’s likely that he went too much with the botox. A lot so that the procedure altered his face shape. Do you think he ought to lay it off or is it giving him a more friendly smile?

What regarding Simon’s teeth?

Simon Cowell's Teeth

To be reasonable, Simon’s teeth look a great deal better than many British guys who despise going to the dental expert. So, for us, he truly has a bring smile for TV. His before picture tips of somewhat crooked teeth but his existing smile happily reveals a perfectly-aligned collection of pearly whites. He has probably obtained veneers, instead of braces, to deal with the imperfections.

Another procedure we assume he’s had is teeth whitening. Look how gleaming they are … they almost look fake!

Simon Cowell’s Transformation

Want to see just how Simon looks back then and now? Take a look at these photos below and see his improvement before your eyes. We might grab some additional “points” too!


Young Simon Cowell during his childhoodSource: Twitter

Young Simon was increased in a well-to-do house in London. This childhood years photo alludes that also then, this male had an ego (verified by his own sibling). But he’s definitely a handsome kid in this red and black outfit.


Simon Cowell in his teenager daysSource: Dailymail

As a teenager, Simon Cowell had fussy dark hair with lengthy edges. His face structure was somewhat extended and he had a prominent bump on his chin too. Unsure about you, but he looks kind of terrifying in this picture…

Year 1980

Simon Cowell in the 1980sSource: Reddit

As a grown-up, Simon rocked the retro hairdo and mustache in this vintage picture. Who knew he had such biceps and solid arms ?! Did he enjoy a good workout back then? He absolutely look fit.

Who does he advise you of in this image? If you claim Orlando Bloom, we agree with you! (Wait … what??)

Year 1990

Simon Cowell during 1990Source: Youtube

Simon was skinny throughout his ’30s as a young record executive but he still had his very own personal appeal with that said perfectly-shaped nose. While his nose looks thinner right here, but we doubt he’s ever had a rhinoplasty.

He had a lot hair back then so it’s very easy to see why he has no loss of hair problem also today.

Year 2000

Simon Cowell 2000Source: simoncowellonline.com

Now a 41 year old bachelor, Simon is slowly shedding the vibrant appeal. And he always suched as putting on plain white t-shirts such as this one, which would certainly become his hallmark clothing on his TELEVISION programs. This picture shows he did have a gap in his teeth, which has now been corrected with a dental procedure.

Year 2004

Simon Cowell 2004Credit: Kevin Winter\/Getty Images

By this time around, Simon Cowell ended up being the TV court that everyone loved to hate. He was additionally inspected for his hairstyle, skin, crow’s feet and overall look. He appeared to have put on weight and looked a great deal more mature. But followers believe he had pec implants around this moment because his chest’s type is still so famous underneath that suit.

Year 2007

Simon Cowell 2007Credit: Mark Mainz\/Getty Images

As age catches up on Simon, his eyes begin to show some lines and crows feet. The crease around his mouth location seems to have grown as well. He also has some skin loosened under his chin. By this time, we can think that Simon has not yet gotten any kind of cosmetic enhancements but that will quickly change…

Year 2011

Simon Cowell 2011Photo Credit scores: Getty

A couple of years later, Simon appears in public for the launch of “The X Factor U.S.A.” with less lines and furrows. If it’s a makeup method, then just how come he’s got a slightly puffed up face? Simon definitely got dermal fillers for this event to make himself look younger, right?

Year 2015

Simon Cowell 2015Credit: Gareth Cattermole\/Getty Images

Here we see Cowell attending an additional season launch of “The X Variable UK” in London. Removing his generally tidy face, Simon chooses to grow a beard, maybe to hide the puffiness on his face cheeks.

He looks truly happy with his great smile but followers hypothesized about his excessive face injections which prompted reports of cheek implants. Did he exaggerate it?

Year 2018

Simon Cowell 2018Picture Credit score: Getty

Now a daddy he never visualized he would come to be, Simon Cowell appears like a satisfied and pleased male. He seems web content as he pleasantly placed on some weight and it shows on his thickened jawline and dual chin.

We hope he remains in form due to the fact that, at this rate, he might require liposuction surgery soon.

What did Simon claim concerning plastic surgery?

There’s no denying that Simon has been open about his cosmetic enhancements. Talking to The Sun, the TV court stated that he’s had a ₤ 2,000 non-invasive face lift.

” There’s lots of points you can do now. You don’t simply have to stuff your confront with filler and Botox. It harms like heck but it removes sun damage and disconnects all the crap. For me now, it’s everything about having tidy skin. If you have clean skin, you look far better. But you need to be really careful with some of this stuff.”

He additionally confessed he may have had excessive botox:

I possibly did have a little too much Botox a couple of years earlier, since everyone on TELEVISION has it.

Simon also spoke with Mirror and stated that to look young is important in movie industry due to the fact that it’s what the public desires. However, he’s not always comfortable concerning the treatments he got.

Once in LA, years earlier, I satisfied this lady who would cover me up in stick film and after that tin aluminum foil, after covering me in oils. It was suggested to be detoxing. She then
placed me in this tube in my house, secured me into it for a hr … After about 2 months I realized this is really torment. That was crazy.

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More information about Simon Cowell

Real Name: Simon Phillip Cowell

Birthday: 7th October 1959

Star Sign: Libra

Birth Place: Lambeth, London, United Kingdom

Nationality: American

Race\/ Ethnicity: English, Ashkenazi Jewish, Scottish

Occupation: TELEVISION Character, TELEVISION Producer, Document Manufacturer, Skill Manager, A&R exec, Entrepreneur

Net Worth: $550 Million

Relationship: Married to Lauren Silverman

Children: Eric Cowell

Height: 1.91 m (6 ft 3 in)

Weight: 92 kg (203 pounds)

Shoe Size: 12 (US)

Natural Hair Color: Dark Brown

Natural Eye Color: Hazel


Simon Cowell bluntly confesses he has obtained plastic surgeries and he’s honestly looking helpful for his age. You’ve got to give the guy some regard also for recognizing that medical and non-surgical procedures are required for his kind of work when others would certainly reject that they went through comparable enhancements.

It’s clear that Simon has botox to preserve his young people and perhaps a facelift too. Although he has rejected that it was a face surgery, the result seems too good to be real. His surgeon is supposedly Dr. Jean-Louis Sebagh, who is understood to be rather the Picasso in the cosmetic enhancement industry, so we might be wrong.

Simon has made some criticisms, ridicule and jokes about his anti-aging procedures. But we have actually got to admit that he made the appropriate selection considering that he operates in an industry where looking presentable is of supreme significance. And for that, we’ll provide him the golden buzzer.

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