Ray Liotta Plastic Surgery – Facelift, Botox & Hair Transplant?

Ray Liotta made his trustworthiness as a Hollywood celebrity for his function as Henry Hillside in the critically-acclaimed mafia flick “Goodfellas” in 1990. But the star has long remained in business, snagging his first role on the daytime television soap opera “One more World,” in the late ’70s.

It wasn’t hard for this good-looking Jacket young boy to land functions in Tinseltown due to the fact that he has the massive skill and the beautiful face for it. But now that Ray is in his ’60s, the indicators of skin aging, wrinkles, and receding hairline are getting tougher to ignore.

The fine-looking actor has just recently become the topic of plastic surgery reports following his red rug looks. Fans can not aid but wonder if Ray has been obtaining botox and a facelift to keep his boyish looks.

There are also reports that Ray had cosmetic enhancements to his eyes and nose that drastically improve his appearance. And while he utilized to have thicker hair, there came a point where the star appears to be taking care of thinning hair issues. Nevertheless, it appears like he may have remedied it with a hair transplant.

Not one to discuss his personal and private life in the press, Liotta has never attended to any type of cosmetic suppositions. But that’s why we’re right here to help figure out if he really had any work done.

Before & After Photos

In order to learn whether Ray Liotta had any type of plastic surgery procedures, we have checked out pictures before and after he became famous. Below’s what we have actually discovered so far.

See our “special” contrast pictures below:

Did Ray Liotta Have Facelift?

Did Ray Liotta Have Facelift?

It can not be refuted that Ray’s face has undergone a change for many years. You can easily see the distinction of his facial skin in these photos. The before picture shows Ray with drooping cheeks and unequal skin. The after image, nevertheless, reveals a much-tightened face. While some might say he just dropped weight, but the smooth look recommends that he could have had a facelift surgery.

What do you reckon?

Has Ray Had Botox Injections?

Has Ray Liotta Had Botox?

Ray utilized to have famous wrinkles on the face. The puffiness after he gained weight did not complement his take a look at all. But not long after, the star was seen on the red rug with a somewhat far better look. With his cheeks looking plump, it’s very easy to guess that he may have selected botox, and perhaps even a browlift, simply to look a little bit younger.

Did He Get Hair Transplant?

Did Ray Liotta Get Hair Transplant?

It appears that the “Goodfellas” actor had a declining hairline trouble in his young age, as seen in this before photo. Nonetheless, despite aging, hair loss didn’t appear to difficulty the super star. So, did Ray get a hair regrowth procedure to conceal prospective bald spots? We assume that his present hair, though somewhat grey, looks thicker than it ought to be which can possibly only indicate one thing: hair transplant.

What About His Acne Scars?

What about his acne scars?

It’s obvious that Ray had acne scars also when he was a climbing star. Despite his handsome looks, he did not have a remarkable skin texture, especially around the reduced part of his face. The scars, nevertheless, included in his allure as an actor who could do both good and negative roles.

We’re not exactly certain whether he has looked for aid from a dermatologist, but he absolutely found the best means to hide his scars when he showed off a beard to cover it up. We actually believe he looks excellent in this after photo.

Ray Liotta’s Transformation

To get a better grasp on whether the star had changed his appearance through plastic surgery, we’ll take a better consider his physical transformation over the years.

Young and Handsome

Young Ray Liotta during his high school yearsCredit: Seth Poppel\/Yearbook Library

Ray Liotta’s senior high school photo is proof that he’s constantly been a good looking young man. That ’70s hairdo complimented the face form really well.

Year 1978– 1981

Ray Liotta 1978 - 1981Source: auntiefashion.wordpress.com

Liotta joined the daytime soap opera world around this moment. With his model face and wonderful eyes, he appeared like a royal prince lovely in this pin-up for “An additional World.” We doubt he requires a nose job because he currently has a best nose.

Year 1990

Ray Liotta 1990Source: Reddit

After a years of working hard in Hollywood, Ray’s profession would be specified by Martin Scorsese’s “Goodfellas.” He showed his sense of style in this film and there was no evidence of any work done to his jawline and chin. Whatever looks natural to us so far.

Year 1997

Ray Liotta 1997Source: Youtube

Ray appeared to put on some weight when he starred with Sylvester Stallone in the 1997 “Cop Land.” It’s reasonable to state that when his face became chubby, he shed the appeal and the affable that made females swoon.

Year 2002

Ray Liotta 2002Source: Pinterest

Ray articulated Tommy Vercetti in the prominent video game “Grand Burglary Auto: Vice City.” By now, Ray was pushing 50 and the acne problems of his youth appeared to have strengthened as you can see from his facial scars.

Apart from the bad skin, aging might have contributed to the sagginess of his face, specifically around the mouth area. His lips showed up to have thinned out too, hence the unflattering Joker-like smile.

Year 2007

Ray Liotta 2007Credit: Kevin Winter\/Getty Images

At 53 years of ages, Ray instantly appeared with a smoother and tighter face on the red carpeting. Speak about a facelift sparked since then. However, while it resembled he has done something to his face, Ray wasn’t able to resolve his thinning hair issues … just yet.

Year 2012

Ray Liotta 2012Credit: Pascal Le Segretain\/Getty Images

Does Ray look younger in this picture taken when he went to the Venice Movie Festival for “The Iceman”? Followers think he used eyeliners to enhance his appearance as his eyes look sharp. His hair also looks thicker, leading others to presume he had a hair transplantation done.

Year 2015

Ray Liotta 2015Credit: Mike Coppola\/Getty Images

At 61 years old, Ray possessed the grey hair and didn’t need to conceal it with a color dye. Regrettably, he had heavy eye bags and could use an eyelift based on this photo.

Year 2017

Ray Liotta 2017Source: Youtube\/ Today

While advertising the prominent series “Shades of Blue” including the lovely Jennifer Lopez, Ray appeared in a meeting with a wrinkle-free face. Gone are the eye bags too. It appeared he made use of face fillers to plump up his face cheeks in an effort to look more youthful. Can you see the hint of puffiness? Is this really the exact same individual on “Goodfellas”?

Year 2018

Ray Liotta 2018Credit: Dia Dipasupil\/Getty Images

Does Ray resemble a different individual in this picture? We can hardly think it! It also resembles he acquired too much weight. The puffy face and the feasible botox did not enhance his appearance whatsoever, triggering several of his fans to say that Ray has obtained some pretty bad cosmetic enhancement over the years.

More Information Regarding Ray Liotta:

Real Name: Raymond Allen Liotta

Birthday: 18 December 1954

Star Sign: Sagittarius

Birth Place: Newark, New Jacket, United States

Nationality: American

Race\/ Ethnicity: Scottish

Occupation: Star, Film Manufacturer, Voice Actor

Net Worth: $14 Million

Relationship: Single

Children: Karsen Liotta

Height: 1.83 m (6 ft 0 in)

Avg Weight: 86 kg (190 pounds)

Shoe Size: 12 (United States)

Natural Hair Color: Dark Brown

Natural Eye Color: Blue


No question, Ray Liotta’s face and body have experienced some drastic makeovers. While his body changes could be as a result of episodes of fat burning or weight gain, it’s his face that had followers shouting cosmetic procedures.

Some fans believe that Ray has undertaken a facelift procedure and obtains regular botox injections to lessen the lines and wrinkles. At his age, perhaps it’s not natural to have such smooth and tight skin?

There appears to be some evidence suggesting the Ray could have obtained a hair transplantation surgery too. Reality be informed, his crowning magnificence was already thinning out but also for some factor, the hair regrowth of late has been apparent.

Now, whether these rumors are real or fake, we can not fault Ray also if he actually opted for plastic surgery. Besides, he does work in Hollywood. The least we might hope for, nonetheless, is that he employs a great cosmetic surgeon who will not botch up his attractive face.

( Included Picture Debt: Francois G. Durand\/Getty)

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