Park Min Young, Before and After

South Korean starlet and version Park Min Young earned her breakthrough duty as the girl who claimed to be a child in the television collection, “Sungkyunkwan Rumor.” Her beauty and acting skill mesmerized the target market which led her to even more functions in K dramas.

The attractive Korean star further sealed her success after getting a component in the Netflix collection, “Busted.” But as Min Young’s appeal continues to climb, the cosmetic surgery reports would not pass away down.

Some fans think Min Young had eyelid surgery to make her face look more eye-catching. Actually, her eyes are one of her most stunning functions and coveted by numerous young girls. They wanted to learn Park’s charm secrets and exactly how she boosts her features with makeup and cosmetics.

Min Young’s fans also think that she had a nose job at an early stage to boost her appearance. Some people assume that she may have additionally gotten procedures on her boobs and butt to boost her profession. Nevertheless, Min Young had no qualms about doing an exposing bathing scene in “Ja Myung Go” due to the fact that she had the body for it.

No doubt, Park has a rather face and a hot body, but has she had assistance from plastic surgeons or is she all natural?

Let’s find out!

Before and After Photos

Because of how much she has altered literally, followers say Min Young has gone through a lot of plastic surgery. But what types of procedures did she really get? Let’s take a look at photos before and after she arrived to see how she transformed.

Childhood Days

Park Min Young as a childSource: Twitter

As a little girl, Min Young had lengthy hair and tiny eyes. Does it resemble she has a regular Korean face? Then this is possibly why she got cosmetic surgery, later, to stand apart and not be “common.” What do you think?

Park Min Young during school yearsSource: Pinterest

Here’s Min Young in her institution uniform and she most definitely looks miles various then. She had a plump face shape that took away the interpretation on her jawbones. She also had solitary eyelids that really did not appear to share any type of expressions.

This look, nonetheless, would certainly change in a number of years…

Teenager Years

Park Min Young as a teenagerSource: Facebook

As a teen, Min Young lost weight and became remarkably pretty. She also had bigger eyes, which fans state was the result of a double eyelid surgery. This picture was taken pre-debut. Min Young demonstrated her refreshing feeling of style with her head covered in a bandana.

Year 2005

Park Min Young 2005Source: Youtube

Park landed her very first TV function in the drama series “High Kick!” She emanated a trainee appearance with her incredibly straight hairdo, even though she was currently in her 20s. Now, there are no other recognizable adjustments in her face. Her nose form is similar to her more youthful self– level and round. For us, this implies no rhinoplasty…yet.

Year 2007

Park Min Young 2007Source: Youtube

With the launch of “I Am Sam” a couple of years later on, Park Min Young appeared with a pointier nose pointer and a thinner nasal bridge. The young celebrity might have ultimately got a nose surgery and the renovation complemented her beady eyes really well.

You can additionally see some subtle modifications to her face shape. Her jawline and chin appear sharper so you ‘d have to ask yourself whether she’s had a little chiseling done here. Not just that, her lips show up plumper. We don’t assume it’s lip injections, but probably some kinds of lip surgery.

Year 2010

Park Min Young 2010Source: Pinterest

With the release of “Sungkyunkwan Scandal,” Min Young’s star power has been secured. She looks so normally fresh in this image with her barely-there makeup, shabby eyebrows, faint lipstick and subtle stud earrings.

Apart from her cosmetically-enhanced and beautiful nose, we think Min Young might’ve had botox to define her cheeks. Some fans suggest, nonetheless, that it’s child fat. What are your thoughts?

Year 2011

Park Min Young 2011Source: Youtube

A 25 years of age Min Young reunited with Lee Min Ho in the hit series “City Hunter.” Due to the fact that she showed up to have a slimmer jawline and sharper chin, people believed she absolutely had jaw reduction surgery. It aims to us that she had no chin implant though.

Year 2013

Park Min Young 2013Source: Pinterest

With her renowned face, Min Young additionally remained to model and be a brand name ambassador for fashion brands. This photoshoot flaunted not just her fake tattoo but likewise her hot long legs. With her graceful body shape, followers assume Min Young had liposuction surgery and her bum shape suggested she might’ve had butt implants.

Do you believe she naturally accomplished this hot body with a great diet plan and workout? It’s been reported that the celebrity suches as to do Pilates, so perhaps that’s just how she keeps her number fit and trim.

Year 2015

Park Min Young 2015Source: Reddit

Park looked absolutely charming in this brief hairdo for “Braveness of the Ming” Her attractive smile tips that she may have obtained veneers from her dental practitioner however, we have not seen photos of the celebrity using braces. Did she ever have problems with just how her teeth looked?

Year 2017

Park Min Young 2017Photo Credit score: OSEN

Min Young wowed everybody at the Asia Musician Awards with her bosom disclosing outfit. She emanated a hot sophisticated charm in this lacy white gown. With her adequate chest, it’s not hard to see why people believe the actress had a breast implant, but her fuller breasts definitely suited her body type.

If we’re to guess, she has a 34C bra size.

Year 2018

Park Min Young 2018Source: Pinterest

Min-young changed her look yet once again when she dyed her long hair brown. She looks gorgeous in this image revealing her newest task with Park Search Engine Optimization Joon in “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim.” We’re sure Min Young preserves a bright, porcelain-looking skin with a strong skincare regimen and cosmetics but maybe in her genetics too.

What Did Park Min Young Say Concerning Plastic Surgery?

During an interview with Sports Chosun, Min Young validated that she had cosmetic surgery in junior high school, with her mommy’s blessing.

I got dual eyelid surgery in junior high school. My mom let me get it so I might come to be prettier. I also got my nose done, but that’s just because my nose was crooked during junior high.

And this was what the star needed to claim about her beauty imperfections:

I have a great deal of things I don’t like regarding my face, such as my big forehead and plump cheeks, but acting got a whole lot easier once I allow every one of that go.

More Info Regarding Park Min Young (Profile):

Real Name: Park Min-young

Korean Name: 박민영

Birthday: 4 March 1986

Star Sign: Pisces

Birth Place: Seoul, South Koreaa

Occupation: Starlet, Model

Net Worth: $2 Million

Nationality: South Korean

Race\/ Ethnicity: Eastern, Korean

Relationship: Unknown

Children: None

Height: 1.64 m or 5 ′ 5″

Weight: 49 kg or 110 lbs

Body Measurement: 34-24-33 inches

Bra Size: 34C

Dress Size: 2 (United States)

Shoe Size: 7.5 (US)

Natural Hair Color: Black

Natural Eye Color: Dark Brown


While it’s not uncommon for famous Korean celebrities to be the topic of plastic surgeries, Min Young sets herself apart for really admitting she has done adjustments to her face and body, for appeal. She’s not reluctant to admit it was a profession step, too.

Park Min Young Before and After Plastic Surgery?Park Min Young Before and After

She validated her nose job and eye surgery to the general public. Despite opening regarding the enhancements to her eyes and nose, Min-young has yet to talk about if she had any breast augmentation. We hypothesize her flawlessly designed boob size had the assistance of a surgeon and we can not blame her for intending to look hot. South Korea’s movie sector is just as competitive as Hollywood.

Min Young will not remain in need for life. But now, she’s in the ripe age to strike and cash in on her looks and skills, while the opportunities exist. Whether her beauty is real or fake, she’s certainly a success story. So, great on her for making these selections to improve herself!

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