We understand you understand her, however did you understand Melissa Rauch is among the few 21st Century stars reported to have in fact reduced the size of her boobs! (just like Scarlett Johannson) Yep– we cannot verify 100%, however numerous have actually questioned whether she’s has actually certainly gone under the knife for plastic surgery not to increase the size of her breasts, however to reduce them. We’ll enter into the information a bit more listed below, however prior to we do, let’s learn a bit more about the Big Bang star.

Born upon June 23, 1980, Melissa is, without a doubt, understood for her time as Bernadette Rostenkowski on the endlessing TELEVISION program– The Huge Bang Theory (2009-2017). The program has actually ended up being so popular, the initial 5 characters are now making upwards of $1 million per episode. As Melissa was not one of the initial 5, she’s was prepared to just be making around $100k for each episode. Nevertheless, the initial 5 have actually revealed their kindness for the co-stars, and each chose to take a $100k pay cut to increase the income of the other 2 (increasing Melissa’s pay to around $350k per episode).

Carrying on, she’s likewise had a couple of brief functions in other TELEVISION programs such as Kath & Kim (2008-2009), Real Blood (2010 ), and The Workplace (2010 ). Sadly, she’s yet to be granted for her efforts in her acting profession, however she has actually come close! Being chosen 9 times, which 6 were for Exceptional Efficiency by an Ensemble in a Funny Series, obviously, for The Huge Bang Theory.

Alrighty, now that you understand a bit more about her, we can dive into the more fascinating subjects– plastic surgery. By the photos you have actually currently glimpsed at throughout this post, you’re now experienceded that the size of Melissa’s breasts is rather above the average. However are they natural? Scroll down to discover!

Prior to you do, don’t hesitate to take a look at the outright newest photos of Melissa on her social networks profiles. She presently has around 2 million fans on her Instagram page and her Twitter feed.


Alright, we’ll kick it off with exactly what’s been distributing the most over the past couple of years– whether she’s had plastic surgery to bring her boobs down a few sizes. If she was to come out and formally provide the treatment a tick, it would not be unexpected. She’s rather the small girl, and such a huge bust plainly makes if the centerpiece of her entire body (a minimum of for most of the world).

Nevertheless! And there constantly is a nevertheless, with the method Melissa gowns, and her capability to cover then subsequently expose her mouth watering cleavage depending upon her state of mind at the time, makes it extremely hard to offer an educated viewpoint. Whilst we were curating the previously and after images, we merely could not assemble a tidy representation of her breasts throughout the earlier phases of her profession compared with her in today day. Trust us! We looked quite damn difficult.

Having a look at the above picture, we can plainly see she’s aware or her possessions and ways to utilize them to her benefit if requirement be. With that in mind, you’ll discover that the majority of the time, Melissa chooses to cover them up, contributing to the reports as it’s so difficult to inform exactly what’s exactly what. We aren’t grumbling however, in no other way ought to she dress inning accordance with our desires, all to her for staying with who she is.

In general, there’s simply no other way to inform whether she’s had breast reduction surgery or not. Sorry for the unclear and unconvincing response, however that’s simply the method it is with the plastic surgery reports in some cases. Another fantastic example of a celebs plastic surgery reports being incredibly difficult to validate is Debra Messing and her nose job.

Exactly what do you believe? From the images collected here today, has Melissa Rauch had a non-traditional boob job? Let us understand your ideas in the remarks listed below!


Although she most likely confesses to herself her nose is somewhat strange, we ‘d argue she thinks it matches her general body completely, and we totally agree with her. Her charming button formed nose contributes to her character of the charming, small blonde where she typically represents in the characters she plays.

Naturally, and this chooses practically every celeb out there, there will constantly be a couple of fans (most likely jealous haters) sitting behind their screens discussing her nose and how it does not fit the socially appropriate structure. If this post manages to get in front of Melissa’s own eyes– remain strong woman! You’re definitely stunning simply the method you are.

One star who we’re 100% particular cannot remain strong is Chelsea Houska. The Teenager Mama star caved and went under the knife resulting in among the most apparent rhinoplasty we have actually ever discovered. A far cry from the previously and after images you’re experiencing here today. Absolutely, take a look at the link if you have a couple minutes to spare.

The United States has among the greatest rates of nose job treatments per capita. In 2016, over 148,000 nose job treatments were carried out by expert cosmetic surgeons, being available in as the Sixth most popular treatment in the nation. Comprising of 7.48% of the overall variety of cosmetic treatments. Take a look at the complete list of plastic surgery data straight from the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.



So, prior to we proceed, let’s take a fast wrap-up regarding exactly what we have actually discovered today. 2 things– she might or might not have actually had breast reduction surgery (it’s merely too difficult to inform), and there’s no proof indicating other kinds of plastic surgery either. Alrighty! Let’s enter her 10-year physical improvement then.


Drawing back in 2008, Melissa had a short sting on the United States variation of Kath & Kim where she played Branch over a duration of 6 episodes.


Bringing it up 4 years to 2010, and we see her taking part in another 6 episodes, this time in the vampire classic– Real Blood


2014– her success from The Huge Bang Theory is really in play now, and the world is aware of who she is and exactly what she does.


Not excessive acting went on this year. She had a little voiceover function for Glacial epoch: Clash, however very little else.


And here we see Melissa in today day. Both the images were drawn from her Instagram account (link above), you can see she’s as beautiful as ever still.


Did she make the ideal relocation? Do you believe it will be advantageous for her profession? Exactly what about for her life in general? Let us understand in the remarks listed below!

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