Korean Singer IU Before and After Surgery?

Korean vocalist IU, or Lee Ji-eun in real life, intended to be a professional singer because she was a little kid. In middle school, she mosted likely to different auditions at talent companies and landed an offer to make her very first cd at the age of 15.

Now a successful Kpop star in her mid-20s, IU has been making headings not just because she’s talented and has churned many hits. She has likewise been the subject of several plastic surgery rumors.

The Oriental beauty, who is recognized for tracks like “Good Day” and “You & I,” is said to have gone through cosmetic enhancements to her face. Without a doubt, from her little sis photo when she was simply starting out, Ji-eun has thrived to welcome a much more advanced look and design, extra so because her body has also matured.

In specific, individuals hypothesized that she had obtained an eye surgery to make her Asian eyes huge and vast. There have additionally been reports that IU had a nose job after she shifted her job to acting.

Fans have likewise stepped forward to reveal images of the Kpop celebrity at a dermatology facility and the tales bordering IU’s beauty enhancements swiftly intensified. But the singer and celebrity of “Scarlet Heart Ryeo” have refuted the plastic surgery reports each time it’s raised in interviews.

Before & After Photos

Is IU’s makeover truly so extreme? Is this the reason that suppositions that she has gone under the blade never ever stop?

Let’s analyze pictures of the Korean star before and after she arrived. We should have the ability to see some proof of the procedures she has supposedly undergone.


IU in her childhood daysSource: Instagram @ dlwlrma

As a child, IU had big rounded eyes. The singer looked so adorable, yet fashionable, with that eco-friendly scarf on her head. This childhood years picture of her might possibly shut down the rumors that she had her eyes widened. The proof plainly tells us that her big eyes are without a doubt natural.

Although minimal, she definitely had eyelids too.

School Years

Korean singer IU during her school yearsSource

When she was a girl, IU had common Korean attributes. She’s a charm alright but not rather the standout she is today. With her natural long black hair holding on the side of her cheeks, you can see she had a slightly chubby face shape. Her nose, on the various other hand, looked flat and less prominent.


IU pre debutSource: Youtube\/ Geraldine Lamparas

Here we see IU’s pre debut picture featuring her little sis personality. Her adorable hairstyle fit her well but she had a recognizable gap on her front tooth that could have been taken care of later on with braces.

IU’s eyes, though normally big, appeared to have been improved additionally because she now has really noticeable double eyelids. This started the reports that she had blepharoplasty but then her protectors state they likely featured age.

What do you think?

Year 2008

IU 2008Source

At 15 years old, Lee Ji-eun joined LOEN Home entertainment and quickly launched her first song “Lost Kid.” You can plainly see she still had infant fat as a teen with a much rounder face. Simply consider those plump cheeks and wide jawline. They were actually part of her charm as the nation’s budding star.

Year 2010

IU 2010Source

With the release of “Irritating” in 2010, IU ended up being a licensed Oriental hitmaker. She additionally determined to attempt her hand in acting spreading for the teen dramatization “Dream High” and made a slight change to her image. Putting on a red brownish hair color, the beautiful singer put on elder makeup to boost her womanly features. However, her level nose stayed the very same, particularly around the nasal bridge.

Year 2012

IU 2012Source: Pinterest

IU’s cosmetic enhancements appeared a lot more obvious at 19 years of ages. First of all, the feasible nose job. It’s not hard to miss the nose bridge when there was no higher bone right there before.

Her face shape additionally appeared to change due to her pointy chin when she utilized to have a square jaw. Did she get a jaw reduction surgery or was this shot the result of photoshop? Perhaps she lost weight?

Year 2014

IU 2014Credit: Valerie Macon\/Getty Images

This was the year Ji-eun checked out Los Angeles for the KCon. It may just be the camera angle but her face size looked bigger once more. Her jawline and chin likewise looked m
uch less specified but her nose shape seems unmistakably enhanced. Whether it’s makeup or surgery … we’ll let you choose that one.

Deliberate or otherwise, IU attempted to look more mature with the red lipstick and classy collar. It appears she truly wanted to reveal the world she’s no longer just the little sister of South Korea.

Year 2016

IU 2016Source: Reddit

Lee was a revelation during her efficiency in China. A slimmer upper body enhanced the celebrity’s breast size. Suppositions that she got a boob job quickly became the hot subject among followers but she could have just been wearing a truly good bra below the body-hugging dress. Actually, you can see the push-up bra’s shape if you look carefully in this photo.

Meanwhile, at this side angle, IU’s pointy nose suggestion is becoming a lot more apparent. This additional contributes to the nose surgery rumor that we have actually been hearing.

Year 2017

IU 2017Source: Xsports news

During this year, IU once again changed her photo following the release of her album “Combination.” Choosing a brief hairdo and minimal makeup, the singer attained a more all-natural appearance without too much cosmetics. She clearly has an excellent skin care strategy due to the fact that her skin appears smooth and blemish-free.

Year 2018

IU 2018Source: Pinterest

In October 2018, IU released an additional solitary and music video, “Bbibbi,” to celebrate her 10th year in the business. This selfie verifies simply just how much she has turned into a sensational female. So far, her lips show no indicators of lip fillers so we can a minimum of tick that off our checklist. Her V-shaped face in this one, nevertheless, is still confusing us.

What did IU say regarding plastic surgery?

In 2011, IU dealt with the stories about her nose job. In an interview on the show “Night by Evening,” the celebrity confessed:

” My business didn’t want me to get surgery. But I wished to get plastic surgery so I pled them. I have a small and level nose, and it’s constantly been a complex of mine. I asked my company before my debut, and I went to a cosmetic surgery center. They told me that I had such thin skin that if they raised my nose, it would only be elevated 1mm. I was disappointed and simply returned without obtaining the treatment.”

In a different event reported by Soompi, there was a screenshot of IU’s old meeting with an unidentified magazine that was posted online and it had a title of ‘The sincere IU, coolly admitted it (cosmetic surgery)’.

Apparently, there was a confidential writer who wrote:

IU mosts likely to the very same healthcare facility as Kang Yumi. This location is renowned for two-jaw surgeries. Why would certainly IU go right here rather than a routine dermatologist?

Now according to Koreaboo, ID Esthetics is a dermatology clinic, but regrettably we are not able to validate nor identify the precise area of this clinic.

At least, their evaluation of IU’s eyes seems to match ours so we get on the exact same page in this one.

More Information About IU:

Real Name: Lee Ji-eun

Korean Name: 이지은

Birthday: 16 Might 1993

Star Sign: Taurus

Birth Place: Gwangjin Area, Seoul, South Korea

Nationality: South Korean

Race\/ Ethnicity: Korean

Occupation: Singer-Songwriter, Actress

Net Worth: $15 Million

Relationship: Unknown

Children: None

Height: 1.62 m (5 feet 4 in)

Average Weight: 45 kg (99 pound)

Body Measurement: Unknown

Bra Size: Unknown

Dress Size: Unknown

Shoe Size: 6 (United States)

Natural Hair Color: Black

Natural Eye Color: Black


Cosmetic surgeries are nothing brand-new to Oriental celebrities and IU signs up with the rankings of various other renowned individuals whose physical appearance has been spoken about again and again. Regardless of her denial in 2011, there seems some evidence recommending that she might have had nose surgery at some point later. It just appears impossible to grow a nose bridge that high and prominent without the aid of a Korean cosmetic surgeon. So, we’ll let you determine that yourself.

IU Before and After

However, we’ll hold back the decision on her eyelid surgery. If there was a change in her eyes, it was a subtle one and there just isn’t enough evidence to sustain this insurance claim. We’re additionally not firm on the talks that she had a jaw reduction surgery. Arguably, these improvements may be attained through good makeup methods or fishing before the cameras.

It’s additionally hard to say that Ji-eun had boobs augmentation given that she matured in the spotlight. Individuals will right away observe if her body look modifications too a lot. But whether IU’s physical features are real or fake, it doesn’t take away the truth that she’s still one of the most effective and most bankable Kpop music artists today.

( Included Picture Resource: Twitter)


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