Jungkook: Before and After

Jungkook, whose real name is Jeon Jung-kook, is a member of the South Korean boyband experience BTS. The youngest amongst seven males, who have gained musical success as a chart-topping team, Jungkook is called the team’s “gold maknae,” which translates to the youngest, and some say, the cutest.

The singer, who is virtually 22 years of ages, is the band’s main singer. The team’s women fans are normally attracted to him on phase as a result of his notable dancing skills and his good looks.

But as with many various other celebs, Jungkook has been rumored to have had cosmetic surgery. A component of the public believes that he looks very various today contrasted to his debut as a songs artist over five years ago.

However, I’m not marketed on these speculations just yet because Jungkook had to do with 15 or 16 then and I assume his body was still transforming. If his physical appearance changed, then it might be because he’s still growing naturally.

Then once more, cosmetic enhancements are so common among South Korean celebrities even at a younger age. There may be something regarding these talks and that’s why these Jungkook cosmetic surgery reports won’t stop.

Before & After Photos

Now, perhaps if I go through a few of this BTS celebrity’s before and after pictures, then I may just find some solutions concerning his supposed cosmetic procedures.

Did Jungkook get double eyelids?

Jungkook eyes before and after

Asian stars are frequently guessed to have obtained double eyelids surgery to improve the shape of their eyes. A confront with a monolid might appear to be lacking in expression, which is why this is a prominent treatment among celebrities with tiny eyes.

But I don’t think Jungkook got this procedure based upon these comparison images. For me, his eyes didn’t change all that much regardless of expanding a bit older and I can clearly see his dual cover as a youngster of possibly 9 or 10. Those double eyelids are still thin in the image to the right. So, no change, no cosmetic surgery.

Has he had a nose job?

Jungkook nose job before and after

I do not think Jungkook got his nose fixed because it’s still the very same shapes and size in both these pics. It isn’t actually perfect since I think he has a big nose. If he actually experienced nose surgery, why stick to a big nose then when he could’ve opted for a thinner and a little greater nose bridge?

The a little thinner nose in the right photo, I believe, nevertheless, was achieved through makeup and contouring. As a performer, I make certain his makeup musician has a couple of techniques to help him out.

Did Jungkook have face surgery?

Jungkook face before and after

I believe the change in his face form isn’t the outcome of jawline surgery. I assume it’s due to the fact that he shed his baby fat and he is past the adolescence stage.

Jungkook now looks a lot more manly in the ideal photo instead of the baby-faced, audacious boy in the left pic. There are no cosmetic alterations that I might see around his jaws and chin. I think this is a natural transformation.

He has the best teeth

Jungkook teeth before and after

I think Jungkook looked after his teeth as a kid to make sure that he has an easily remarkable superstar smile today. I do not think there were major cosmetic fixes done to his teeth other than the typical dental treatments, such as braces, which numerous kid has to go through.

Jungkook: Then and Now

Sure, Jungkook is normally talented with good-looking attributes but just how much has his look transformed over the years? I got ta examine his makeover below.


Jungkook during his childhood

via Pinterest

To me, also as a little kid, Jungkook was currently quite good-looking. He had the possible to sweep off girls’ feet one day with his adorable face. Fortunate genes, I guess?

Early college days

Jungkook early school days

via Amino

I wager that as an institution young boy, Jungkook attracted attention since he’s actually not quite awkward-looking. Everyone undergoes this phase as a kid but I do not think he had such a phase.

Year 2012: Pre-debut

Jungkook in 2012 pre-debu

via Facebook

Before his debut as a musician, Jungkook got dancing training in Los Angeles. I state he’s fairly a confident kid and it displays in his smile, his appearance and just how he brings himself. This is the face of a boy ready for stardom.

Year 2013: BTS debut

Jungkook in 2013 debut in BTS

via Twitter

Jungkook debuted on BTS with the release of the solitary “2 Cook 4 Skool.” He sported a trendier hairdo and still maintained the single earrings. He looks quite hip and cool, which describes why ladies swoon when they see him.

Year 2015: He suches as earrings

Jungkook in 2015

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Jungkook and his buddies from BTS roused the followers at the KBS Tune Festival Red Rug. To some people, this entire appearance with the earrings on both ears and the long edges on his hair might look too womanly but I think this becomes part of the band’s appeal. I could see that he had light pink lipstick on and there’s nothing incorrect with this. It clicks with the girls.

Year 2017: The glasses look

Jungkook in 2017

via Twitter

Jungkook maintains the same hairstyle size all these years but for this look, he chose a lighter brownish color and some tips of purple. I like this appearance, really, and I such as the numerous earrings as well.

The rounded spectacles likewise complemented the shape of his face. This boy has design or has an excellent stylist on his team!

Year 2018: Red pink hair

Jungkook in 2018

via Pinterest

Jungkook went with red anime hair when BTS executed at the Mnet Asian Music Awards. I believe he looks a bit fully grown with this hair color though.

Year 2019: Keeping it formal

Jungkook in 2019

via weheartit

At the Seoul Songs Honors, Jungkook walked the red carpet in a sensible tuxedo. He maintained his hairdo simple. The jewelry, however, still claim– “I’m a Kpop superstar!”

More info about Jungkook

Real Name: Jeon Jeong-guk

Korean Name: 전정국

Birthday: 1 September 1997

Star Sign: Virgo

Birth Place: Mandeok-dong, Busan, South Korea

Nationality: South Korean

Race\/ Ethnicity: Korean

Occupation: Vocalist, Songwriter, Record Producer, Rapper

Net Worth: $8 Million

Relationship: Unknown

Children: None

Height: 1.78 m (5 feet 10 in)

Weight: 70 kg (154 pounds)

Shoe Size: 9 (United States)

Natural Hair Color: Black

Natural Eye Color: Dark Brown


Regardless of what has been stated or hypothesized about Jungkook’s cosmetic surgery, I don’t think he’s had any type of cosmetic changes. He does not need those, in the meantime, due to the fact that he’s just becoming this even more grown-up, a lot more manly physique and overall appearance.

So, I still assume his transformation has been a natural process from the age of puberty to the adult years. If he had some assist with cosmetics, it’s restricted to makeup or a good skin treatment routine.

It’s likely he won’t be requiring the help of a cosmetic surgeon in a long time. Initially, he’s normally attractive and his problems– like the imperfect nose and the tiny eyelids– can be forgotten. Second, he still a long way from revealing indicators of aging.

This kid’s got the whole plan in the look department. No surprise he’s got numerous followers shouting for him!

( Included Image Source: Facebook)


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