Jodie Sweetin– born January 19, 1982, has actually just recently come under an extreme spotlight concerning her possible plastic surgery. Among the primary factors for her appearing on the 22nd season (yep 22!) of the United States variation of Dancing With destiny in 2016. Regrettably, she was not to rule victor as she was knocked out in the 7th round on May 9, 2016. Nevertheless, that hasn’t stopped individuals from pleading an answer to the very same concern– exactly what in the world had Jodie done to her boobs? Is it a boob job? Or merely the outcomes of natural aging. Let’s discover!

Jodie matured in the plastic surgery capital of the world— LA, California, and began her profession in the Hollywood scene more than Thirty Years earlier. Today, she’s understood to us as a star, vocalist, TELEVISION character, and naturally, a dancer. If you currently understand about Jodie, you most likely understand her from the struck TELEVISION program– Capacity where she played Stephanie Tanner. Jodie appeared in all 193 episodes from 1987-1995. We did some complex mathematics, and learnt she was simply 5 years of ages when she got her very first gig! Rather young undoubtedly.

She starred together with some other now-famous names you’ll acknowledge consisting of Mary-Kate Olsen, Ashley Olsen, Bob Saget, Dave Coulier, and John Stamos. A number of which can credit the success of the rest of their profession to the extremely popular program. From Capacity, she’s gone on to appear in a variety of other TELEVISION programs and a couple of motion pictures consisting of Celebration of 5 (1999 ), Protecting Santa (2013 ), Fuller Home (2016-2017)– which is a follow up to Capacity, and Hollywood Darlings (2017) which is presently on-air.


Hollywood Darlings is a program with Jodie, Beverly Mitchel (from 7th Paradise), and Christine Lake (from Step by Step). The 3 youth stars gathering in an unscripted environment to discuss their lives in the Hollywood market and the battles they all deal with as mommies, better halves, and businesswomen. You can take a look at a clip on the Today Program for a teaser. We question … perhaps they’ve spoken about getting plastic surgery on the program also? We have not seen an episode so let us understand if they do!


On to the excellent things! As you can see from the big variety of previously and after pictures we have actually assembled on Jodie’s supposed breast surgery (or boob job as the majority of people want to call it), there are some guaranteed indications of abnormal modifications along the years. In images taken just recently in 2016 as well as current as early 2017, you will discover her boobs appear to be far fuller and near completely round. This is rather odd considering she’s just recently had another kid in 2012. It’s merely rather unusual for a mom to get better so rapidly from the results pregnancy has on a mom’s breasts.

Not just that, they appear to be able to keep their perky, round shape with no external help also. Sure, she’s not partially nude in any of the images, however the swimwears and loose gowns which she’s using do not appear to be pressing her breasts into the perky position they remain in. This is a traditional example of breast enhancements in a female– if their boobs have the ability to stay perky without a push-up bra in the mix. Another sign tilting Jodie’s scale in favor of a boob job.

Finally, in the two images listed below where she’s using the orange t-shirt, intentionally exposing her breasts. Jodie appears to be rather happy with how they’re taking a look at the minute. As she’s seldom positioned in pictures like this prior to, it might show she’s just recently gone under the knife and is so pleased with the outcomes, she wishes to reveal the world her brand-new boobs. From all these images, we can rather with confidence conclude Jodie has undoubtedly had a breast enhancement.

One most likely factor for this is merely for a self-confidence booster, or to bring her back into the celeb spotlight and possibly be cast in more TELEVISION programs and motion pictures. Jodie has actually ensured declarations straight connecting to plastic surgery in the Hollywood scene, however we’ll get to that even more down.


A boob job isn’t really the only thing her fans and fans are questioning. Many individuals who have actually wanted to the starlet on their screen appear to have actually observed other modifications on her body too which might be the outcome of a couple of cosmetic surgeon check outs. In particular, her face appears to have actually aged unnaturally.

Nose surgery are among the most discussed surgical treatments worldwide– period. Each and every single modification in an individual’s nose, specifically if they’re a star continuously appearing on our TELEVISION screens, is seen by somebody. Just due to the fact that it’s the center of their face– whatever else focuses on it. With such a high concentrate on Jodie’s nose, it’s just natural some individuals are likewise questioning whether she’s had nose job– the technical term for a nose job.

Nevertheless, from the images we have actually checked out, and after that comparing the declared prior to and afters, it does not appear so. There are no significant modifications in Jodie’s nose to conclusively deduce she’s gotten a nose job. That’s simply our viewpoint, though! Let us understand in the remarks if you think otherwise.

Last but not least, there are a choose couple of individuals who likewise believe she’s gone and had a couple of botox injections or a facelift also. Botox injections are exceptionally tough to find if they have actually been done by an experienced specialist (one who understands precisely what they’re doing), and in Jodie’s case, this needed to have actually held true if she’s had some. There are no visible modifications in the skin around her face, and no indications of previous wrinkles or face lines amazingly vanishing from one year to the next.

From our work, it appears like the only surgery Jodie Sweetin has actually had is a boob job. If you seek more proof, Miley Cyrus published a photo on her Instagram in 2016 which even more reveals proof of Jodie’s abnormal breasts.


If we compare social financial groups within our society, we’ll discover that stars have among the greatest plastic surgery rates of any group. Dr. Renato Calabria specified she thinks around 40% of all young stars (male and woman) in between the ages of 25 and 30 have, or will go under the knife in the future. The most typical type of surgery for these stars is rhinoplasty, breast enhancement, and lip injections.

As Jodie falls right into this classification, even without the visible evidence in her prior to and after pictures, there would’ve been a big opportunity she was going to get some type of plastic surgery throughout her profession. Dr. Renato Calabria likewise specifies almost 100% of all those who continue to act past their 40s have all had plastic surgery. So those ‘naturally gorgeous’ stars over 45 you see plastered throughout the screen? No so natural after all.

At 35 years of ages in 2017, Jodie is nearing that age. Our company believe it’s just a matter of time prior to Jodie goes with some more plastic surgery to keep her face looking young and beautiful. Nobody likes a drooping face on screen in the Hollywood market, particularly the manufacturers. Plus, with the strong proof for her currently getting breast enhancement, she’s a lot more most likely to get more surgery than one who’s a surgery virgin.

Perhaps in a couple of more years, we’ll be back with another piece on Jodie, and the after pictures you see here today will end up being the previously! Just time will inform.


You might unknown this as it took place rather a long period of time back, however Jodie was deep into substance abuse at an incredibly young age. Soon after she shot to popularity completely Home, as soon as the series settled, she began consuming alcohol. Jodie was simply 14 years of ages at the time.

For the next 15 years, she continued this harmful course. Rapidly broadening from the ordinary alcohol, she began to enjoy euphoria, meth, fracture, and a great deal more. In 2006, she specified in an interview with ABC she was ‘out of work and bored and just started exploring’ following completion of Capacity. Quickly, she was utilizing meth every day. Luckily, it didn’t end her.

In 2010, Jodie released a book stating her experience with drug dependency and conquering it entitled– unSweetined: A Narrative. You can check out the book here. One evaluation from Amazon mentioned the following:

Jodie Sweetin’s unSweetined was an outstanding story about her life and battles with dependency. She precisely explains the exact same sensations and ideas that addicts cope with and the battles that we understand too well.– Jennifer

From our experience, we can presume Jodie’s plastic surgery was among the tools she utilized to bring herself back into a great mindset. Enhancing her breasts might have had the ability to provide her the self-confidence booster which she had to turn her life around. And from the past couple of years, it appears like it’s worked.

Jodie presently has more than 1.8 million individuals following her throughout her social networks pages. You can see a few of her latest photos on her Instagram account, Facebook page, or have a look at her Twitter feed.

We ‘d like to hear your ideas on Jodie’s body modifications for many years– so let us understand exactly what you believe in the remarks listed below!

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