Is Korean Idol Hyuna a REAL Natural Beauty?

Debuting with the Wonder Girls and signing up with 4Minute was obviously simply a meal. It was Hyuna’s solo job that eventually secured her destiny as one of one of the most effective Kpop appeal today.

Like most beautiful artists in Korea though, Kim Hyuna has been reported to have gone to plastic surgeons. Perhaps this is inevitable being an Oriental idol?

I honestly can not recall the number of times I have wondered whether Hyuna is a natural charm. Yes, I have questioned her nose shape various times and if you don’t believe me, just have a look at the video listed below when she did a duet rendition with Psy on the pop music “Gangnam Design”.

I’m fairly sure her nose bridge had not been that thin when she was more youthful and if you believe it’s just all makeup, then I hesitate I differ with you.

I also have reasons to believe that her boobs might be fake too, but talk is cheap.

Allow me to dig much deeper … for you.

Before & After Photos

What far better methods to discover the truth than to assess Hyuna’s pictures carefully and side by side.

Did Hyuna have a rhinoplasty?

Hyuna nose job before and after

From the earlier image, you can plainly see that Hyuna had a broader nose from her nasal bridge down to her nose suggestion. Now, her nose form is nice, long and thin.

This suggests to me that she might have undergone a rhinoplasty. Sure, particular contouring and makeup techniques can make a person’s nose show up thinner, but I just do not feel this holds true here.

Has she had a jawline reduction?

Hyuna face jawline

Although Hyuna has a good pointy chin, she also has a rather broad jawline. While this isn’t specifically the typical face form you see in terms of Korean beauty standards. I do not believe she’s chiseled it down.

So, no treatments on her jaws from what I can see.

Did Hyuna get a boob job?

Did Hyuna get a boob job?

Yes, Hyuna’s body is most definitely up there amongst some of the best female idols in business. Her breast size, nonetheless, makes her stand out from the pack.

Judging from her before image, it appears like she had a flatter chest in the earlier days. It’s difficult to state if the after image is the result of breast enhancement or a push-up bra.

I kind of lean in the direction of the first but I’ll let you choose this one…

Does Hyuna have eyelid surgery?

Hyuna's eyes before and after

FACT: Most ladies in Korea desire dual eyelids. Whether it is through natural birth or plastic surgery is one more story.

Based on the above proof, I highly think Hyuna was birthed with dual covers so no treatment there.

What happened to her lips?

Hyuna lips before and after

Lip injection isn’t really usual in South Korea, but when you check out these before and after pictures, I do not believe anyone can deny that Hyuna’s lips look quite different.

Her upper lip looks a great deal thicker so if you ask me, I ‘d say she more than likely had lip fillers.

Kim Hyuna’s Transformation

Baby Hyuna

Hyuna when she was a baby

Source: Twitter

Here’s an unusual image of Hyuna when she was simply a child. She had stunning eyes and already recognizes just how to post for photographs.

Year 2007

Hyuna in 2007

Source: Twiitter

At 15 years of age, Kim Hyun-ah made her specialist debut as a participant of the woman team, Wonder Ladies. She had a brief hairstyle at that time with an ideal set of teeth. I guess she never required any dental braces or veneers.

Year 2009

Hyuna 2009

Source: Pinterest

Since leaving Marvel Girls in 2009, the vocalist signed up with an additional women team 4Minute and additionally started her solo job on the side. Below she puts on a hair wig and you can plainly see that her nose isn’t as slim as it is today.

Year 2011

Hyuna in 2011

Photo Credit history: OSEN

At 19 years old, Hyuna has changed into a siren and brought in a number of male fans. Regardless of having an adorable voice, it’s her hot body shape that provided her efficiencies one more dimension. As a matter of fact, there were stories recommending she was too sexy for her age. (WHAT??)

Some individuals even recommended she had a breast implant and I have to admit I type of concur with them. Her breasts don’t look all-natural in this attire but it can simply be the bra. One point I recognize without a doubt is, she did not have butt augmentation.

Year 2016

Hyuna in 2016

Credit: Getty Images

Since the dissolution of 4Minute, Hyuna resumed her career as a solo musician. She looks as gorgeous as ever before with her colored hair, adorable makeup, and that lovely nose. Not exactly sure about you, but that appears like an excellent nose job to me.

Year 2019

Hyuna in 2019

Source: Pinterest

I was quite shocked when I saw this photo because I couldn’t recognize Hyuna. I indicate, she resembles an additional person. Her light face and dyed eyebrows are absolutely nothing brand-new, but her lips told a different story.

There’s a great chance she’s having fun with lip injections here.

More Details About Kim Hyuna (Profile):

Real Name: Kim Hyun-ah

Korean Name: 김현아

Birthday: 6 June 1992

Star Sign: Gemini

Birth Place: Seoul, South Koreaa

Occupation: Singer-songwriter, Rap Artist, Actress

Net Worth: $10 Million

Nationality: South Korean

Race\/ Ethnicity: Asian, Korean

Relationship: Internet dating Pentagon member E’Dawn

Children: None

Height: 1.64 m or 5 ′ 5″

Weight: 43.1 kg or 95 lbs

Body Measurement: 34-25-34 inches

Bra Size: 32B

Dress Size: 4 (US)

Shoe Size: 9 (United States)

Natural Hair Color: Black

Natural Eye Color: Dark Brown


I’ll be honest here. Hyuna is naturally excellent looking with a fantastic body and long legs. Nevertheless, after examining most of her pictures and videos, I located some evidence to recommend that her appeal may not be all natural.

There hasn’t been anything too remarkable in regards to her face functions, but her nose appears to have been altered at some point after 2009 when she became mainstream. In regards to her figure, Hyuna’s boobs have left me scraping my head. I’m not exactly sure if they are real or fake, but if I needed to presume, I believe she had a boob job.

2019 has been an interesting year as it appears HyunA intended to plump up her lips. Now, whether this was done by lipstick or lip fillers, you can look at the contrasts above and draw your very own conclusion.

( Featured Photo Credit History: Cosmopolitan)


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