Have Julie Benz Boob Job Or Any Plastic Surgery? See Piks

Julie Benz Plastic Surgery

Well, well, well, we have a really fascinating star before us today– and her name is Julie Benz. Why is she overly fascinating? Because there is an additional person making use of the exact same Julie Benz name who is an energetic star, not in the Hollywood market, but in the adult sector rather. And that Julie looks incredibly similar to this Julie. We aren’t saying they’re the same individual, but you recognize how you can check for yourself. And both showcase the exact same busty bosom which numerous think is the direct outcome of cosmetic surgery (which we’ll talk about even more below).

Going on, who specifically is Julie Benz? Well, she was born on Might 1, 1972, making her quite near to the large 50-year turning points (damn she looks outstanding for her age!). She started acting rather very early in her life when she was simply 18 years old, landing a duty in the horror production– 2 Evil Eyes (1990 ).

Her mommy, Joanne, was a figure skater, whilst her papa, George, surprisingly enough, is a surgeon. Although, he’s opted to focus a lot more on the medical side of surgery rather than plastic surgery simply for cosmetic objectives. Would not that have been interesting– if Julie has actually preferred to obtain cosmetic surgery, to ask her daddy to execute it. Would you have the ability to slice open your youngster on the operating room?

With that good picture in your head, just what do you think? From the initial photo you’ve seen above, does it appear like Julie’s gone under the knife for an aesthetic treatment in the past? Let us know in the remarks below!

If you’re interested, head on over to a few of her social media sites accounts. She has a consolidated total amount of around 500,000 fans on her Facebook page, Twitter feed, and her Instagram account.

Julie Benz Plastic Surgery

A breast implant seems practical … right?

Well– this is one the that’s been puzzling us as well. Take the very first before and after image (top of the web page) as an example, if we only utilize that photo as the basis to identify whether Julie’s had breast enhancements or otherwise, the response is evident– she has. This is additionally the picture which many other websites have entirely made use of to drill down the point there’s no question whether she’s had the surgery.

Yet then if we broaden our reach to include more pictures, new angles, and different clothing she’s wearing, the case for a conclusive answer comes to be blurry, rather fuzzy without a doubt. Shift your emphasis to the above comparison, where Julie’s putting on an adorable little bikini top in both, and we see the size of her breasts appear to be quite similar. Too similar to show any feasible implants.

Notice also in the second picture, her breast’s perkiness appears to resemble those of the all-natural sort, as opposed to those having implants. Certainly, with any kind of good push-up bra or gown, natural boobs can be made to look 100% enhanced (as the majority of women understand). In Julie’s case, depending on the pictures you choose for the before and after side, you might say a situation for both.

Compare Julie to Salma Hayek’s breast implant, and you’ll see what we imply by exactly how the photo and angle could totally alter the appearance of a lady’s breasts.

As such, and it breaks our heart to let our viewers down, however there’s just no chance we could supply you with a strong yes or no solution. We understand! You didn’t come below for this wishy washy, but without Julie appearing and stating whether she’s gone under the blade or not, we just do not feel ideal leaning in either case.

If we were to, however, it would certainly be to the no side. As in we don’t believe Julie’s had a boob job.

Of course, all this is simply our viewpoint. And we’re sure you’ve been forming your own too– so why not tell us! There’s a remark box awaiting you down below.

Julie Benz Plastic Surgery

I’ll take rhinoplasty for $400, Alex.

Any takers? Really did not assume so. We like to think about our viewers (you, yes you) as sensible, kind humans. As such, when offered with the honest truths, our neighborhood has the ability to fairly identify whether or not the celeb concerned (Julie Benz) has had the cosmetic surgery concerned (a nose surgery) or otherwise.

So– now that we’ve established you’re a sensible person, based upon the before and after images you have actually seen right here today– would you say she’s a ‘Yes please nose surgery me!’ type of individual, or more along the lines of ‘No thanks, and you can take that to the financial institution’ kind?

Take place, have a closer look. Check her nose beginning with the nostrils. Do they appear extra flared in the before photos? What concerning the overall curvature or the bridge (top part)– have there been any kind of noticeable adjustments which appear abnormal? Certainly, we cannot ignore the size (one of the major impacts in the rhinoplasty choice).

From her younger years, does Julie’s nose appear to have decreased in dimension? Which must apparently be impossible if one remains all-natural as the nose is among the only body components which never quits expanding!

Alright– what’s your solution? Yay or nay? Let us know in the remarks below. We’re going to leave our point of view out of this so we don’t influence your choice in any way.

Julie Benz Plastic Surgery

Lastly– any botox or lip shots?

Ok– we allow you decide on her rhinoplasty, however we’re taking back the regimes for the conversation on whether or not she’s had any kind of Botox or lip injections. And we’ve come to a pretty clear-cut response for the lip injections– a huge fat (or should it be skinny?) no.

Pretty straightforward truly– Julie has never ever truly should even consider lip injections. Her’s are currently resting at the ‘ideal’ level of plumpness and sexiness, something which several others are continuously making every effort to achieve. Take Gwen Stefani lips, for example, she wound up taking her lip injections one action too much and is bound to be included on some lip shot calamity articles in the near future.

As for the botox, our point of view is a little bit extra ambiguous. In this modern day and age, Botox has actually come a lengthy means given that its FDA authorization back in 2002. So much so, that patients are taking into consideration the aesthetic procedure previously and previously in their life. With some as young as 26 years old paying normal brows through to the skin doctor.

Julie is well past that age though and is plainly currently showing indications of aging. And that sentence is the trick– she’s showing indicators of aging. If she was to have had a few Botox shots occasionally, the natural indications of aging would be extremely difficult to pick out.

As such, we’re going to need to go with a firm negative on any kind of type of shots in and around her face attributes. Let us recognize if you concur with us! If you think we’re speaking out of our bum– allow us called well! We’re constantly looking to enhance.

25-Years of Change w/ Julie.

Into one of our favorite parts of these cosmetic surgery discussions– enjoying them alter throughout their job. Have a look at Julie’s 25-year physical improvement below, and see if you can identify out any type of years where there have actually been enormous adjustments in her body.


One of her first appearances back in 1992– she had a bit part in the TV program– Hi Honey, I’m Home.

julie benz 1992


Jump forward 5 years, and we see Julie showing up in a number of motion pictures. The initial image is from her time in Just as good as It Gets. 2nd image was recorded on the collection of Darkdrive.

julie benz 1997

julie benz 1997


A brand-new century is upon us, and with it brings a brand-new Julie. Below she is letting of a little heavy steam at the 2002 Maxim Celebration.

2002 Maxim Hot 100 list Party


Right here you’ll see Julie in the flick Bad Girls from Valley High and a 2nd image at a media event (name unknown).

2005 bad girls



Can you acknowledge the initial image listed below? It’s from Saw 5! Caught us off guard also! Absolutely a motion picture we didn’t expect to see her in.




Julie’s all matured currently! She’s still yet to choose her favored hair shade though, as you’ll see in the coming pictures over the following few years.

Julie Benz stars as Elise Laird in TNT's Ricochet (2011)

2011 Women In Film Crystal + Lucy Awards - Red Carpet


Absolutely nothing to add below except that she looks definitely sensational in both pictures. Remarkable choice of gown and accessories in both.

Julie Benz – CraveOnline Presents: Crave Conquers The Con at USS Midway in San Diego

Julie Benz Photos - Celebrities arrive at the TV GUIDE Magazine's Hot List Party at the SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills


2016 rolls around and we could see Julie is certainly not terrified to display her properties. The initial photo is one used by lots of other sites as evidence pointing in the direction of a boob job.

Julie Benz - TV Series Party at the 56th Monte-Carlo Television Festival in Monaco



Up close and individual with Julie on her Instagram account. The second picture is her in everybody’s all-natural habitat– buying!

Julie Benz – Comic Con Festival 2017 in Paris


Has Julie Benz Had Cosmetic Surgery?

Without proof in either case– it can be tough to give a solid answer. That doesn’t imply we can not have point of view. But what’s yours? Do you assume she’s gone under the blade? Allow us recognize in the remarks listed below!

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