Has Robin Mcgraw Had Cosmetic Procedures?

Robin McGraw, previously Robin Jo Jameson, is the wife of the famous TV individuality and psycho therapist Dr. Phil McGraw. Birthed in 1953, Robin’s look has been the subject of plastic surgery talks for years. People constantly wonder just how she keeps her young and gorgeous face regardless of aging. For someone who is in her ’60s, her skin is still smooth and hardly have any kind of wrinkles.

Though the doctor’s wife won’t confess that she possibly has a plastic surgeon on her smartphone call listing, journalism has been ruthless regarding her having actually cosmetic improvements done. People have hypothesized that apart from having face surgery and routine facial fillers, Robin most likely got a nose job and lip injections to boost her looks.

Recently, there have been some noises regarding Robin being too skinny and this caused reports that she could have gone through a boob job to maintain her figure firm and proportioned. In spite of running a skin care business, some appeal experts state that for a lady to look this efficient Robin’s age, then possibly her anti-aging treatment isn’t natural.

Now, Robin has always waited the story that she has this youthful radiance because she has a happy marriage with Dr. Phil. The pair obviously does not fight. Instead, they take a seat and talk about their connection like 2 developed people should. But could this actually be it?

Before & After Photos

In order to discover whether Robin McGraw had plastic surgery, we have gone through a series of photos to search for proof. Below’s what we found.

Did Robin Have Facelift?

Did Robin Mcgraw Have Facelift?

Robin’s face looks impeccably smooth in the best photo contrasted to the left. You have actually got to question if she had a facelift or a neck lift. Her wrinkles are virtually non-existent, besides a couple of lines around her eyes, which couldn’t be hidden regardless of the hefty makeup.

On some level, this after image might be an over-manipulated profile utilizing a photo editing and enhancing software program. However, you can still recognize some tightness around her cheeks, suggesting specific treatment may have taken place.

Has Robin Mcgraw Had Botox?

Has Robin Mcgraw Had Botox?

Judging from the contrast pictures above, the quantity around Robin’s cheeks show up plumper in the after shot. We’re inclined to believe that she might be a fan of botox injections since there are no hints of drooping and sagging around the facial area. Plus, the skin near her jawline looks much more smooth now, right?

Does Robin Have Breast Implants?

Does Robin Mcgraw Have Breast Implants?

Despite reports that Robin had a breast enhancement treatment, her boobs show up to have continued to be comparable size for many years. Her cleavage is so prominent in these 2 photos so for our cash, we assume her breasts are natural. Nevertheless, there can be an opportunity that she went through a breast lift to maintain her top body firm.

Did Robin Get Lip Fillers?

Did Robin Mcgraw Get Lip Fillers?

Robin’s lips appear to have gone through a substantial change in these before and after pictures. She clearly had thinner upper and lower lips before but the after picture shows her with much fuller lips. To be reasonable, maybe the work of a lipstick but then, you would certainly need to claim that the thick application looks sloppy.

So, based on this contrast, we kind of agree of what others are claiming about her having lip injections or lip fillers. Besides the lipstick theory, there’s nothing else method to explain this huge difference.

Robin Mcgraw Transformation

Let’s take a closer look at Robin’s transformation for many years. By comparing her images back then and now, it needs to offer us more hints whether she’s had plastic surgeries or not.

High College Years

Robin Mcgraw during high school with Doctor PhilSource: Twitter

Here are a handsome Dr. Phil and his attractive ladylove Robin as senior high school teens. It’s such a pleasure to unearth this uncommon young pictures of the two stars, who would withstand a long and loving marital relationship together.

Early Adulthood

Robin Mcgraw in her early adulthoodSource: Reddit

As a young adult, Robin was most definitely a looker. We like her subtle makeup in this photo. Though her face shape still had traces of infant fat, she had pretty lips and nose. Based on this photo evidence, it’s secure to state that the former actress and lifestyle expert has never ever had a nose job.

Year 1976– Wedding Day

Robin Mcgraw in 1976 - Big Wedding Day!Source: Facebook

Here’s a rare wedding picture of Dr. Phil and Robin’s wedding celebration. Wasn’t she a gorgeous bride-to-be? She might not hide her joy while blinking her flawlessly white teeth keeping that stunning smile. She used a regular ’70s hairdo and boosted her eyes with long eyelashes.

Year 1986

Robin Mcgraw 1986Source: drphil.com

Now elder, Robin has become a mom of 2 kids at the age of 33 years of ages. She clearly put on weight and it displayed in her face area.

Year 2003

Robin Mcgraw 2003Source: iakodaeko.wordpress.com

Robin would certainly soon become a component in Hollywood as she regularly joins her hubby’s events. Right here she is at the Daytime Emmy Awards looking red-carpet prepared. She looks definitely fantastic and appears to have lost weight too. Individuals additionally spoke about her body and boob size in this figure-hugging gown. Sort of reminds us of Renee Zellweger at her prime.

Year 2008

Robin Mcgraw 2008Source: newslocker.com

At 55 years old, Robin began revealing signs of aging. Can you spot the crease around her jawline? It may be the lighting in this photo or she could have a wonderful skin care routine but her facial skin most definitely looks clear for her age.

Year 2014

Robin Mcgraw 2014Source: Youtube\/ Dr. Phil

Not long after that, the modifications on Robin’s face began to capture the interest of visitors of Dr. Phil’s TELEVISION show. She’s 61 years old below but her smooth face belied her real age. She looks more youthful than ever. We’re inclined to think that Robin may’ve had a facelift procedure and even her neck looks tightened.

Did she find out a point or two from Jane Fonda?

Year 2018

Robin Mcgraw 2018Credit: Bauer Griffin

At 65 years of age, Robin is certainly fit. Does she adhere to a rigorous workout and diet or is her youthful body the job of liposuction? Some people, nonetheless, state she’s too skinny.

More Information concerning Robin Mcgraw

Real Name: Robin Jameson Mcgraw

Birthday: 28 December, 1953

Star Sign: Capricon

Birth Place: Los Angeles, California, United States

Nationality: American

Race\/ Ethnicity: Unknown

Occupation: Businesswoman, Author, TELEVISION Personality

Net Worth: $40 Million

Relationship: Married to Phillip Calvin McGraw (Dr. Phil)

Children: Jay Mcgraw, Jordan Mcgraw

Height: Unknown

Weight: 45 kg (99 pound)

Body Measurement: Unknown

Bra Size: 34B

Dress Size: Unknown

Shoe Size: Unknown

Natural Hair Color: Dark Brown

Natural Eye Color: Hazel


A New York City Ideal Offering author who has written publications like “What’s Age Got To Make With Fit” and “Inside My Heart”, Robin has consistently rejected she had plastic surgery on her face and body. She declares her anti-aging routine and beauty key is her joyous marriage.

Although she has appeared on her husband’s program quite a number of times to provide understandings on partnerships and health, Robin is also an elegance entrepreneur who has introduced her own cosmetics business. If she’s looking helpful for her age then it’s totally possible that it is because of her interest in skincare products.

Then again, after assessing the before and after as we have performed with many other celebrities, her contrast photos appear to show fairly a difference on her face and lips. So, also if McGraw never recognizes any kind of cosmetic procedures, it’s possible that she’s had a facelift surgery, botox, and lip fillers.

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Did Dr. Phil’s wife have cosmetic surgeries?

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