Has Megan Fox Had Cosmetic Surgery?

Hollywood bombshell Megan Fox is best known for showing up in the initial 2 “Transformers” live-action films from 2007 to 2009. These hits made a big offer of the women star’s lovely face and voluptuous body.

As her popularity rose rapidly, Megan was called FHM’s Sexiest Lady for 2008. Nonetheless, her goddess-like look had people wondering if Megan’s beauty is all natural or because of plastic surgery.

The documents constantly covered news concerning Megan’s declared cosmetic procedures. The general public became attracted and interested of her lush lips, which some believed resulted from lip fillers. Talks of her getting a rhinoplasty and routine botox injections, specifically in the direction of 2014, ended up being also louder.

People also speculated that Megan had breast augmentation due to the fact that her boobs show up too round and complete for her physique. While these may merely be rumors, but we couldn’t pass up this chance to assess her beauty.

So, has she ever had help from plastic surgeons?

Let’s discover out!

Before & After Photos

To establish if Megan Fox had any kind of plastic surgeries, we have actually compared her past and existing photos. Here’s what we found out about this beautiful movie star:

Did Megan Fox Have Nose Job?

Did Megan Fox Have Nose Job?

Before her increase to popularity, Megan’s nose had a bulge on its bridge, as seen in this before picture. Its nose suggestion was additionally bigger with a noticeable dent. Nevertheless, that damage disappeared a few years later. The shapes and size of her nose additionally came to be narrower, with the idea extra refined and smoother. The change can only imply something– she might’ve had a nose job!

Has Megan Had Botox?

Has Megan Fox Had Botox?

Nearly every Hollywood charm has been guessed to have botox and Megan Fox has been denying similar rumors over and over once again. The “Teen Mutant Ninja Turtle” celebrity does have a remarkable face and a forehead without wrinkles, so it’s not hard to see why people would certainly presume she had a face job.

For something, it’s pretty evident to the followers, based on these before and after pictures, that Megan got cheek fillers to give her face some shape. Besides this botox procedure, we haven’t seen any type of indicators of a facelift.

Did She Get Lip Injections?

Did Megan Fox Get Lip Injections?

Megan Fox’s lips can be the celebrity of its very own flick– it’s that popular and impressionable! However, it looked a lot various before, as you will certainly notice in these photos.

Back in the day, Megan had thin lips that you can in fact see her front teeth when she opens her mouth slightly. The top lip also looks thinner than the lower lip. In her “after” photo, nonetheless, they look virtually uniformly plumped.

Based on this photo evidence, it’s most likely that she’s had lip injections at least when throughout her career.

Does Megan Have a Boob Job?

Does Megan Fox Have Boob Job?

Megan is putting on a similarly-styled black body fitting top in these before and after pictures, and there isn’t much difference in her breasts. Her bosom appears to be the exact same sizes and shape. While her boobs do look higher and rounder in the after photo, but we believe the change of cup size is because of the pushed up effect.

From this comparison, we just couldn’t locate any type of evidence of breast augmentation. So, this recommends to us that Megan Fox has never ever had a boob job. In other words, her boobs are all-natural and not fake.

What concerning Her Teeth?

Megan Fox's Teeth

It could be difficult to think of that Megan went through an uncomfortable phase as a young girl but right here’s the evidence. Megan’s teeth were so crooked that she likely had “Ugly Betty” braces. When Hollywood bid, Megan likely had oral veneers as well so that her teeth now look sparkly white, completely aligned and with a healthy and balanced gumline.

Megan’s Appeal Transformation

It seems that Megan’s transformation right into a foxy Hollywood infant came so instantly, similar to her popularity. Do not think us? Why do not we break down exactly how rapid her appearance has altered over the years?

Early Childhood

Young Megan Fox childhood picture about 3 years oldSource: Pinterest

Here’s young Megan Fox when she was around 3 years of ages. Her face looked so pleasant and innocent. She was too charming with her curly hair and big blue eyes. She had a rather huge forehead, too.

Megan Fox as a childSource: Pinterest

Maybe it’s the child fat, but Megan’s face shape as a kid was rounder and she had the volume on her cheeks. Her eyebrows had the symmetrical arch also then.

Teenager Days

Megan Fox as a teenagerSource: Pinterest

From a rounded face shape, teen Megan developed a square chin that specified her jaw. Due to her age, we question this had anything to do with a chin implant. And take a look at that nose! She currently had quite a thin nasal bridge although the idea showed up bigger and bulkier.

Year 2001

Megan Fox in 2001Source: Twitter

At around 15 years old, she made her debut as a starlet on tv, in the sitcom “Hope & Belief.” The lighter hair color fit her sun-kissed and fresh appearance, and she additionally had thinner lips. Megan looked so much different at that time contrasted to now, don’t you think?

Year 2004

Megan Fox in 2004Source: Youtube

Here is her debut on the cinema at 18 years of age, in the film “Confessions of an Adolescent Dramatization Queen.” She expanded her hair longer and went back to being a brunette. Megan’s natural eye color is blue but it looks like grey in this image. Call lens perhaps?

Year 2007

Megan Fox in 2007Photo Credit scores: Getty

A sensational-looking Megan put on a red dress that displayed some cleavage. Her breasts look all-natural and at this moment, we have yet to witness any type of cosmetic surgeries in play.

Many men locate Megan appealing for her hot body shape and this has nothing to do with liposuction surgery. To maintain her skinny developed, she apparently has a low-carb, low-sugar and high-protein diet plan. The result undoubtedly revealed, right?

Year 2010

Megan Fox in 2010Photo Credit: Getty

This was the year Magan Fox got wed and became the wife of actor Brian Austin Green. Though this actress likes sharing elegance products she makes use of on social media sites, specifically for her skin care routine, it’s always a wonder exactly how she preserves her smooth skin. She appears too young for a facelift!

Could she actually attain this flawless confront with just skin care and cosmetics? Regardless, we enjoy her eyelashes in this one and type of advises us of the gorgeous Angelina Jolie throughout her prime years.

Year 2014

Megan Fox in 2014Photo Credit rating: Getty

This was the year individuals believed Megan had a face change via plastic surgery. Her fuller cheeks recommend cheek implants, while her shiny eyes and forehead revealed tips of botox injections. If true, then we assume she might have overdone it here…

To her debt, the eye makeup looks quintessential … so well done!

Year 2017

Megan Fox in 2017Photo Debt: Getty

The gorgeous starlet beautifies the Liverpool Style Fest with delicious lengthy hair that has highlights on the ends. We think she used a hair extension. Her face doesn’t look as swollen or puffy in this image, we believe she may have stopped the face fillers here. Love the red lipstick on her.

Year 2018

Megan Fox in 2018Photo Credit: Getty

As a mother of 3 kids, Megan Fox still has that body to crave. We can see that her legs appeared to have acquired a little bit of fat, so might it be possible that she had liposuction and a tummy tuck to keep her body shape uniformly toned?

But then again, Megan does diet plan and work out a great deal as well.

What Did Megan State Regarding Plastic Surgery?

Megan has never confirmed any cosmetic surgery rumors regarding her. In a function on Allure magazine back in 2010, the starlet had this to say for those asking yourself if she had lip fillers:

I will claim for individuals who doubt the authenticity of my lips, you can clearly see that my lips are my lips.

In the exact same interview, the actress, nonetheless, disclosed she’s not versus getting treatments but she likewise dished some guidance for those thinking about cosmetic surgery:

I would encourage anyone to initial consult with a therapist, to attempt and identify where this want comes from due to the fact that a lot of times it’s not associated with your teeth or your nose or your chin, the surgery is not mosting likely to minimize that insecurity for you. If, then, you feel, ‘This is something that I want to do,’ then do it. It’s impressive that we have the innovation to do right stuff that we do.

Megan likewise comebacked at those who hypothesized
she has botox on the normal by posting a series of photos of herself on Facebook with her “wrinkles.” She captioned these pictures: “Things You Can not Do with Your Face when You Have Botox.”

More Info Concerning Megan Fox:

Real Name: Megan Denise Fox

Birthday: 16 May 1986

Star Sign: Taurus

Birth Place: Oak Ridge, Tennessee, United States

Nationality: American

Race\/ Ethnicity: English, small amounts of German, Scottish, Irish and French

Occupation: Starlet, Model, Voice Actor

Net Worth: $8 Million

Relationship: Married to Brian Austin Green

Children: Bodhi Ransom Money Eco-friendly, Noah Shannon Eco-friendly, Journey River Green

Height: 1.63 m (5 feet 4 in)

Average Weight: 52 kg (114 lb)

Body Measurement: 34-22-32 Inches

Bra Size: 34B

Dress Size: 2 (US)

Shoe Size: 7 (United States)

Natural Hair Color: Dark Brown

Natural Eye Color: Blue


Based on just how Megan Fox has transformed for many years, there’s evidence to recommend that she may have had plastic surgery done on her face. The lack of lines and wrinkles suggests there’s a likelihood that she obtains Botox even if she rejects this.

Side by side pictures of her more youthful self versus her existing look showed the apparent distinction on her lips and nose. So, we sort of concur with the speculations that Megan had a nose job and lip injections.

Megan’s body, on the other hand, which involved conjectures about breast enhancement didn’t appear to match our evaluation. Her bosom looks all-natural and we assume the reason that her boob size modifications are because of her weight variations– she did have 3 pregnancies.

However, Megan still looks fantastic in tight-fitting denims after three babies. Her butt loads her clothing truly well. So, whatever diet plan and exercise she’s been adhering to is doing her wonders.

While we have not seen proof of a facelift and a brow lift, but she is just in her early 30s. “Naturally maturing” doesn’t seem to relate to Megan Fox, so it’ll interest see exactly how her beauty will advance in her later years.

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