Has Jada Pinkett Smith Had Plastic Surgery?

Jada Pinkett Smith was born in Maryland but has Jamaican and African American roots. She has a flawless face and wonderful skin, thanks to her genetics. But as aging has been slipping in, the Hollywood star who remains in her mid-40s has become the subject of plastic surgery rumors.

There’s been a buzz that Jada once had face surgery and gets normal botox as an anti-aging treatment. Loud talks likewise assert she had augmentation done to her cheeks and nose, which some observers keep in mind dramatically modified her charm and appearance.

Some plastic surgeon reached to assert the starlet had a conventional face lift given that she looks nearly as young as her kids. Fans likewise hypothesize her of obtaining improvements and suggested that cosmetic surgery is one of her beauty secrets to hide her real age.

As with any type of lovely Hollywood celebrity, Jada isn’t unsusceptible to public scrutiny. Nonetheless, the actress has never admitted that she had any type of plastic surgeries done, except for one special procedure she contended age 46.

So exactly what has she done to maintain her vibrant glow?

Let’s attempt and discover out!

Before & After Photos

In order to find evidence to establish if Jada had any type of cosmetic procedures done to her face and body, we’ll undergo her pictures before and after she ended up being famous.

Has Jada Pinkett Smith Had Facelift?

Has Jada Pinkett Smith Had Facelift?

As you can see from the before image over, Jada’s face had visible folds up or large wrinkles below her cheekbones. These aging indications have somehow gone away in her later years. So this suggests to us that she could’ve had a facelift to fix her old look.

Given how smooth her neck looks with little traces of lines and wrinkles, we believe she may have additionally had a neck lift treatment also. However, she looks remarkable as a 40-something female so if these rumors are true, then the celebrity plastic surgeon who did her face had done a superb job!

Does Jada Pinkett Have Cheek Implants?

Does Jada Pinkett Smith Have Cheek Implants?

The loudest cosmetic surgery rumor bordering Jada Pinkett Smith is that she had cheek implants. After seeing the comparison photos above, we merely could not differ. This treatment appeared to have provided her face shape much more volume as she had a smaller face with level cheeks back in her younger days.

If this is true, then you have actually reached question whether those face implants are a little huge for her. We simply really hope the augmentation won’t make it harder for her to grin naturally. What do you think?

Did She Get Botox?

Did Jada Pinkett Get Botox?

Admittedly, Jada has good genetics that honored her with great-looking skin. But the frown lines around Jada’s mouth location, which were noticeable in her before picture, are almost non-existent in her after photo. There are no creases to her forehead too. This suggests she could be getting routine botox injections.

In our point of view, while Jada’s face looks remarkable and a couple of years more youthful, we simply hope she will not overdo her face fillers because otherwise, she may look too puffy.

Did Jada Have Nose Job?

Did Jada Pinkett Smith Have Nose Job?

There’s little proof to suggest Jada’s nose was boosted with nose surgery. We do not think she had a rhinoplasty due to the fact that her nose looks comparable in these images. Nonetheless, some fans urge the star’s nose looks narrower now than before, though we can’t truly discriminate. Can you?

Jada’s attractive smile discloses a best set of white teeth. She has lovely face features generally and is maybe one of Hollywood’s most gorgeous women.

Jada Pinkett Smith’s Charm Transformation

There’s no refuting that Pinkett is a real appeal, so let’s see how she’s changed with the years from “Then” to “Now”. We might also choose other plastic surgeries, too!

Baby Days

Jada Pinkett Smith as a babySource: Pinterest

Jada Pinkett’s cute baby image reveals a child with wild afro hair and charming eyes. She looks so priceless here!

Early Childhood

Jada Pinkett with her mom during childhoodSource: Pinterest

Here’s young Jada with her mommy, Adrienne Banfield-Jones. Though she had an unusual childhood years, Jada is very near to her mom. If you ever before saw Jada’s mother on the celebrity’s Instagram images, you ‘d probably quit asking yourself why Jada looks so young for her age due to the fact that Adrienne’s look also doesn’t appear to age.

Young Jada Pinkett SmithSource: Twitter

As a girl, Jada needed braces to take ca
re of the voids on her teeth. She additionally used ponytails a great deal as a youngster too.


Jada Pinkett Smith as a teenagerSource: Pinterest

As a teenager, Jada already demonstrated just how she can be trendy and fashionable. She kept her hairstyle natural and had thick eyebrows that matched her quite face.

Jada had popular and natural dual eyelids as well. She will not require eye surgery to enhance this feature.

Year 1990

Jada Pinkett 1990Source: Facebook

This was the year Jada began acting upon a program called “True Shades,” where she flaunted her distinct preference for style. Just consider her choice of jewelry in this photo!

The arising star attracted attention on TV for her normally gorgeous face. We enjoy that she wore little makeup right here because it’s her clothing that really defined her style.

Year 1996

Jada Pinkett Smith 1996Source: Youtube

At 25 years of ages, Jada became a ticket office celebrity when her remake of “The Nutty Professor” with Eddie Murphy struck movie theaters. This was additionally the year when her transformation began.

She cut her thin eyebrows and colored these in the same color as her light brown hair. Her brilliant lavender eye makeup could seem over the top below but she carried the entire appearance well, really did not she?

Year 2000

Jada Pinkett Smith 2000Photo Debt: Getty Images

By the brand-new millennium, Jada concentrated on coming to be a mama and wife to the “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” Will Smith considering that they got wed in 1997.

Although she brought to life 2 youngsters, Jaden and Willow, but she still took good treatment of herself too. This image is possibly the most effective proof of her all-natural charm. She was always a slim lady with a popular jawline and level cheeks.

Year 2007

Jada Pinkett Smith 2007Photo Credit rating: Getty Images

Jada looked so elegant in this picture from the Oscars red carpet. Her gold gown embraced her body shape so well. It’s well-known that Jada does workout a great deal to maintain fit. There’s no trace of a boob job or a liposuction surgery here.

Year 2011

Jada Pinkett Smith 2011Photo Credit history: Getty Images

Jada goes to the Grammy Honors in Los Angeles with a various but superb appearance. She let her hair loose with an attractive afro. Her famous cheekbones, nevertheless, activated rumors concerning her cheek implants and the talks would certainly harass her over the years.

This certain look could additionally hint of browlift however, her makeup was done so well. The starlet had prominent laugh lines then as this photo reveals, which you will hardly discover today.

Year 2013

Jada Pinkett Smith 2013Photo Credit scores: Getty Images

Mrs. Smith shocked the public when she appeared on the red carpet with an extreme hairdo. A cut head with the side dyed blonde may not help various other maturing stars but Jada showed such coolness with this look.

Talks of a facelift stimulated around this moment because Jada’s face revealed no wrinkles and she had unblemished smooth skin that any type of lady would certainly covet. Until now, we haven’t seen any indications of lip fillers.

Year 2017

Jada Pinkett Smith 2017Photo Debt: Getty Images

At the EMA Awards, Pinkett Smith faced the press with a somewhat puffy face that some followers said looked unnatural. However, we believe she may have overdone the botox a little here.

Jada’s propensity for cosmetics could have aided with skin aging that probably a basic skincare won’t deal with. We can’t fault her for going this course if it’s what she really wants.

Year 2018

Jada Pinkett Pink 2018Photo Credit rating
: Getty Images

Now at 47 years old, Jada can still pass off as a lady in her late 20s, can’t she? Aside from great genetics, this mama of 2 grown-up kids keeps her hot body and solid shapely legs with diet regimen and workout. Oddly, nonetheless, Jada’s Boho-chic dress appears to flaunt a bustier chest. Did Jada get breast implants or was this even if of the design?

What Does Jada Have To State Regarding Plastic Surgery?

The just time Jada admitted that she had plastic surgery was when she informed People Magazine she had three genital renewal treatments.

When I inform you my yoni is like a 16-year-old, I’m not kidding. I’m discussing the outside. It appears like a little beautiful peach.

Jada explained why she got labiaplasty at Los Angeles’ Vitality Institute of Agoura.

I was telling my mama, I actually had it for my bladder problems, Which completely vanished after 3 treatments.

More Information About Jada Pinkett Smith:

Real Name: Jada Koren Pinkett Smith

Birthday: 18 September 1971

Star Sign: Virgo

Birth Place: Baltimore, Maryland, United States

Nationality: American

Race\/ Ethnicity: African American, Creole-Barbadian, Creole-Jamaican

Occupation: Starlet, Voice Star, Businesswoman, Singer-Songwriter, Author

Net Worth: $20 Million

Relationship: Married to Will Smith

Children: Jaden Smith, Willow Smith

Height: 1.52 m (5 ft 0 in)

Average Weight: 51 kg (112 lb)

Body Measurement: 35-24-35 Inches

Bra Size: 32B

Dress Size: 4 (United States)

Shoe Size: 6 (United States)

Natural Hair Color: Black

Natural Eye Color: Dark Brown


Let’s be truthful, Jada Pinkett Smith is lovely the means she is. We don’t believe she needs extreme plastic surgery due to the fact that our company believe she has little troubles in her face and body.

However, it’s apparent she may have done a facelift and possibly also obtains botox regularly as her anti-aging therapies. Though good skin remains in her genes, her spotless and wrinkle-free look seems to resist her age. There is additionally proof that she might’ve had cheek implants, as seen in her before and after photos.

We doubt the rhinoplasty rumors though and we also do not think she has lip injections. For us, there’s absolutely nothing to suggest that she got these treatments because there are hardly any distinctions there.

Whether her beauty is real or fake, there’s no refuting that Jada is an appealing female for her age. We just wish that she won’t overdo any kind of cosmetic enhancements, like some stressed minorities.

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