Has Ellen Pompeo Had Cosmetic Surgery?

Ellen Pompeo is one of television’s most sturdy stars headlining the hit clinical drama collection “Grey’s Makeup” for the last 15 years … and counting.

With her face on air week after week, the TELEVISION celebrity has made her fair share of plastic surgery rumors, similar to most popular celebs. It’s noticeable that followers have been paying very close attention to Dr. Meredith Grey’s picture over the years.

But Ellen insisted that she is not a fan of cosmetic modifications. She prepares to age normally as she gets in the big 50 zone.

So, can we take her word for it?

Before & After Photos

Despite Pompeo’s cases, I have seen some tell-tale indications that she’s been doing greater than just routine skincare and makeup. See for yourself.

Did Ellen Pompeo Have Botox?

Did Ellen Pompeo Have Botox?

Ellen’s face today has visible indications old with popular lines and wrinkles. But as seen in these before and after pictures, her face likewise looks puffy at times.

These might be indications of botox injections as those cheeks plainly looks puffed.

While the actress has stated in interviews that she’s not afraid to grow old, something appears to be taking place behind the curtains.

Has She Had A Facelift?

Has Ellen Pompeo had a facelift?

It’s true.

There were times when I assumed Pomepo had a facelift. Her neck and jawline look abnormally tightened and smooth. But her recent pictures suggests that’s no more the case.

In reality, I’m starting to see some sagging on her lower face cheeks.

What Happened To Her Face\/ Lip Scar?

What happened to Ellen Pompeo's face and lip scar?

Ellen has a visible face scar on the side of her lips and people have asked yourself why she never got therapy for it. But the starlet told a fan in a meeting back in 2008 that her “scar” is really a birthmark, which she never ever intends on removing.

So there you go.

Did Ellen Get Lip Injections?

Did Ellen Pompeo Get Lip Injections?

Let’s face it.

Pompeo isn’t the kind with pouty lips and I question she wants one either.

It’s probably the lipstick or the video camera shot that’s offering her a plumper look.


It’s clear that Ellen Pompeo hasn’t had any type of major cosmetic treatments. But I suspect that she might have used fillers, probably greater than once.

Now, whether this is the anti-aging routine she’ll proceed with is one more story.

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