Did Mel B (Scary Spice) Have Cosmetic Surgery?

Spice Girls participant Mel B, or Melanie Janine Brown in reality, made her mark in the songs and show business in the 1990s. She was the woman band’s most outspoken participant “Frightening Seasoning” and stood apart due to her special physical functions, particularly her unclear hair, tan skin, and busty body.

Like numerous celebrities, her finest assets have led Mel B to face numerous debates in life consisting of a number of cosmetic surgery cases. Some fans thought her boobs were augmented because her breast size seems fairly large for her slim body structure. There were likewise speaks about her using cosmetic enhancements for her face, nose, and also butt.

This is particularly real during current years where broach Mel B utilizing botox as her anti-aging secret ended up being headings. The reality is, she’s no more an uninitiate so it makes sense to seek options if standard skin care routes no more function as effective.

Now, are elegance specialists truly a big part of her life as a celebrity?

Does she go to a facility typically to keep her smoldering hot appearance?

Allow us to break it down for you…

Before & After Photos

Cosmetic surgeries prevail for celebrities but did Mel B get a couple of procedures to change her looks or is she an all-natural elegance? Let’s compare some before and after pictures to locate out.

Are Mel B’s Boobs Real or Fake?

Did Mel B Have Boob Job?

Rumors specified that Mel B had a breast implant after giving birth to her initial youngster. She apparently got breast implants to give her bust a much more defined form and a bigger bra size, as seen in this after photo. But even then, Mel B’s breasts have never ever lacked quantity as apparent in this before shot.

To be reasonable, it’s hard to tell the difference between what’s real and what’s fabricated with surgery by considering these photos. However, she appeared to have obtained some weight in the pic on the right so that might be the reason that her boob size appears fuller. What do you think?

Did She Get Botox on Her Face?

Did Mel B Get Botox?

Mel B’s face is striking and lovely but you can distinguish these pictures that something has transformed. She looks much more puffy in the after photo, especially around the cheeks. This informs us that she might have made use of botox injections as her means to battle great lines and wrinkles.

Has Melanie Brown Had Facelift?

Has Mel B Had Facelift?

At first glimpse, it may seem like Mel B had a face lift to look more youthful. Her before photo shows noticeable laugh lines but the wrinkles are gone in the after picture. But we’re not inclined to believe she had her face done in spite of the reports. These adjustments are most likely the results of botox, a lot of makeup and an excellent use foundation.

In all sincerity, we just do not assume she’s gotten to the age to look for a facelift…yet!

How Did Mel B Shed Weight?

How did Mel B lose weight?

Admittedly, Mel’s body had more meat after she delivered. The modifications to her weight are clearer if you compare the size and shape of her arms in these before and after pictures. She looks a great deal much more in shape nowadays with her company arms, flat tummy, and general slimmer body shape.

Rumors suggested Mel B had liposuction and tummy tuck to eliminate the body fat but it’s no secret this Spice Lady is a health and fitness buff and has launched workout video clips. Yes, she is a competitor so we highly doubt she required cosmetic surgery in the weight reduction department.

Mel B’s Transformation

Want to see exactly how “TERRIFYING” has altered for many years? We’ll discuss some of her images back then and now to see if there are any type of other enhancements.


Mel B during her childhoodSource: Reddit

Mel B was a cute young girl with afro hair during her childhood. She likewise attracted attention because of her attractive tan skin. You can currently inform that she teems with energy.


Melanie Brown as a teenagerSource: Andrea Brown\/ Twitter

The UK born vocalist was an active teen who loved dancing and carrying out. She’s gifted with an adaptable body and she can do a mean split or adhere to a challenging choreography effortlessly. She came to be a professional dancer in senior high school and landed her very first job with a dancing group.

Year 1994

Mel B 1994Source: Facebook

Mel B became part of the world popular lady band Spice Girls. She was nicknamed Scary Spice in addition to Sporty (Mel C), Posh (Victoria Beckham), Geri Halliwell and Infant Spice (Emma Bunton). The hot star had a slim midsection then and her chest size sufficed for her body shape.

Year 1997

Mel B 1997Source: Youtube

With the Seasoning Women’ increasing, Mel B and the ladies were constantly splattered in the headings. This picture of Frightening Spice doing while wearing a leopard leading became her hallmark. But this busty photo likewise sparked rumors of breast augmentation since it seemed her cup size grew and her cleavage got deeper.

Year 2000

Mel B 2000Source: Pinterest

As the Flavor Girls unofficially broke up, Mel B attempted to introduce her solo profession. She looks very quite in this photo with equally as a speck of flush on her high cheekbones and refined eye shadows. The singer revealed she had laser surgery around this moment to correct a trouble in her cornea but it left her nearly blind in one eye.

Year 2005

Mel B 2005Source: Pinterest

Now a 30 year old mom, Mel B still looks fresh and young with her curly hair. Her smile discloses a set of irregular teeth, recommending that she didn’t have veneers or braces before. But she absolutely had a teeth bleaching procedure. This smile makes her sparkle.

Year 2010

Mel B 2010Photo Credit report: Marco Secchi\/Getty Images

At 35 years of age, Mel B, photographed here on a stationary bicycle, came to be the host for a weight management reality TV program in the UK. She additionally released her very own fitness computer game on PC. Aging has slowed down her metabolism and for some time, she had more body weight around her thighs and hips.

Year 2016

Mel B 2016Photo Credit: Danny Martindale\/Getty Images

A fit and firm Mel B walked the red carpet for the opening of a brand-new season of “The X Factor” in the UK. She looked wonderful in hot leather trousers, which hugged her butt so well. Followers questioned if Mel B’s bum form is natural or if she got assistance from a cosmetic surgeon. We attempt state it could be as a result of her fitness routine.

Year 2018

Mel B 2018Photo Credit: Getty

Mel B shook a brief hairdo while appearing at a red carpet for an NBC Universal City occasion. Her eye makeup and sleek eyelashes made her look different. There are tips that she may’ve obtained face fillers to plump up her cheeks and did she get eyebrow tattoo?

Did Mel B mention anything concerning plastic surgery?

Speaking to a UK Newspaper The Sun, Mel B admits she have obtained cosmetic improvements but her procedures are mostly non-surgical which included face rejuvenation and radio frequency treatments.

I believe in being the most effective variation of yourself and I’m a great believer of looking and keeping your all-natural beauty.

She was obviously really happy with Dr. Nyla Raja’s work.

I like the fact that you do not have to take extreme terrifying procedures and go under the blade. It’s important we start speaking about it extra so even more people know about the much safer and more all-natural choices out there.

More Details About Mel B:

Real Name: Melanie Janine Brown

Birthday: 29th of Might 1975

Star Sign: Gemini

Birth Place: Harehills, Leeds, United Kingdom

Nationality: British

Race\/ Ethnicity: African-Nevisian, English

Occupation: TV Personality, Singer, Actress

Net Worth: $10 Million

Relationship: Single

Children: Angel Iris Murphy Brown, Madison Brown Belafonte, Phoenix Az Chi Gulzar

Height: 1.65 m (5 feet 5 in)

Weight: 59 kg (130 pound)

Body Measurement: 38-26-36 Inches

Bra Size: 34D

Dress Size: 8 (United States)

Shoe Size: 8.5 (United States)

Natural Hair Color: Black

Natural Eye Color: Dark Brown


Mel B has been hypothesized to have undergone many cosmetic surgeries over the years. Individuals have constantly discussed the supposed implants on her boobs and the augmentations on her warm body as high as her weight fluctuated.

We believe, however, that Mel B’s breasts are real and her body modifications are because of her workout routine and diet strategies. In fact, she became an endorser of Jenny Craig, the popular weight loss therapy company. During that time, she required to shed the maternity weight and maintain her body slim and fit like before.

In regards to her face, we haven’t been able to identify any signs of eye surgery, nose job or lip fillers. She has just admitted to obtaining non-surgical procedures to boost her look. While she didn’t go into full information, we think she possibly obtains botox consistently, but not a facelift as some have claimed.

Regardless, she is still among the most popular celebs around. This impressive woman has undergone a whole lot, both in her occupation and her individual life. She has continued to be challenging and steadfast via every little thing. But then … she is the gorgeous and courageous Frightening Seasoning after all.

( Included Picture Credit Score: WENN)


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