Did Katrina Kaif Have Surgery To Look HOT?

Katrina Kaif is a British actress who is making waves as a Bollywood movie celebrity. Her business owner dad is of Kashmiri descent while her mom is an English lawyer. This mix may assist describe Katrina’s beautiful and exciting appearance.

But because her Bollywood debut more than 15 years ago, Katrina has been the subject of countless plastic surgery speculations. People questioned her heritage, her family background, her real face and body, and even her age. Some suggest that the “Dhoom 3” star has a fake nose, while others believe that she’s obtained a number of surgeries to look hot.

Rumors have it that the “Ek Tha Tiger” celebrity has obtained breast implants to increase the size of the size of her boobs. It’s likewise not uncommon to see doubters on discussion forums reviewing her lips as they speculate that she has gone through a secret lip job.

Talks triggered also additionally when Katrina’s coworkers publicly called her out for getting a lot of treatments. This resulted in several fans talking about social media sites concerning the star’s ever-changing appearance.

So, why are individuals questioning her looks? Allow’s find out!

Let’s contrast some pictures!

Katrina’s silence regarding her plastic surgery claims absolutely hasn’t produce the fire. For that reason, we have performed our very own examination to aid fans identify whether her elegance is real or fake.

Did Katrina Kaif have rhinoplasty?

Did Katrina Kaif have nose job?

Katrina’s nose made use of to be broader and bigger as seen in this before picture. But something changed about its shape in the after photo on the right. Her nose pointer looks pointier, the dome is certainly narrower and her nasal bridge bone also shows up slimmer.

All these qualities inform us there’s a great chance Katrina underwent a nose job enhancement. The distinction is too noticeable to overlook, although some fans would argue it’s the magic of makeup shape and highlight that did the trick.

Which side do you believe?

Has Katrina had boob job?

Has Katrina Kaif had boob job?

There seems to be a small lift to Katrina’s boobs as these before and after photos has shown. She has a deeper cleavage in the top right image while her chest on the left looks flat.

To be reasonable, both of these postures are various and her body does look a little slimmer in her earlier days too. This maybe discusses why her breast size shows up bigger today. Her gown also gave the effect that she had an augmentation procedure so based upon all these unpredictabilities, there’s insufficient proof to conclude that Katrina had a boob job.

In various other words, those could be her real breasts!

Did Kaif get lip surgery?

Did Katrina Kaif get lip surgery?

During the onset of Katrina’s profession, her lips look thinner as suggested in this before image. Both the top and lower lips were rather thin if you compared with today’s thickness. The difference to its sizes and shape is really noticeable.

Although Katrina’s lips look plump around, we in fact do not think it’s anything medical or a lip surgery of any kind of kind. Rather, she may have been getting lip injections or fillers to improve its volume.

Does Katrina have botox?

Does Katrina Kaif have botox?

There has been a lot of objection in journalism concerning this Bollywood star’s puffy face cheeks specifically throughout an occasion in 2015 when followers pointed out that her face looked like a cushion. After seeing these comparison pictures, we may be inclined to concur that Katrina has tried botox injections before.

Even though Katrina is just in her mid-30s, but who can deny aging on their skin. The fact is, she is still free of wrinkles and lines, which tells us she might still be making use of facial fillers as a means to stay youthful.

Katrina’s Teeth

Any dental work on Katrina's teeth?

It’s been reported in the media that Katrina got a knowledge tooth took out. But other than this oral surgery, it doesn’t look like she had anything else done to her teeth. Katrina, evidently, would rather postpone a check out to the dental expert. So, we don’t think she would certainly be comfortable subjecting herself to veneers or braces.

Besides, her teeth in these before and after pictures look the same and lined up. While they aren’t ideal but she definitely has a beautiful smile that attracts fans.

Katrina’s Transformation

Katrina as a baby

Katrina Kaif baby pictureSource: Twitter

This lovable child photo reveals Katrina with a cute face and big eyes. If anything, this suffices to encourage us that she really did not need eye surgery. She looks so pleased in this photo and appears to delight in consuming a lot too.

Katrina throughout childhood

Katrina Kaif childhood pictureSource: Pinterest

Katrina’s childhood years picture reveals an angel with a shy smile and a sweet face. She had hooded eyes back then but there’s something extra regarding this little girl. Oh yes … her pointy chin!

Katrina as a teenager

Katrina Kaif as a teenagerSource: Instagram @ katrinakaif

As a teenager, Katrina used right lengthy hair. It’s obvious also then that she’s a pretty lady. As a matter of fact, we think she has the perfect face shape, although the video camera angle offered her rather big hands and long fingers in the photo.

Kinda strange, isn’t it?

Year 2003: Climbing Star

Katrina Kaif 2003Source: Blogspot.com

As a two decades old climbing celebrity, Katrina made her mark in the motion picture “Boom.” She looks like a totally grown female in this photo with her busty bra top and deep bosom. Hence begging the question– this her real boobs or did she get breast implants?

Year 2007: Bollywood Debut

Katrina Kaif 2007Source: Getty Images

A few years after debuting in Bollywood, Katrina came to be a lot more popular and 2007 was her breakthrough year. Right here she was gracing the International Indian Movie Academy Awards with a dress that highlighted her top body and stunning skin. Some followers say that she got skin lightening treatment for this event.

Regardless … we assume she looks awesome with her basic makeup and long curls.

Year 2010: Face Changing

Katrina Kaif 2010Credit: Getty Images

While Katrina was promoting her film “Raajneeti” with Ranbir Kapoor, individuals noticed that her face looked various. Besides having a thinner nose, there was a great deal of concentrate on her lips. It appeared Katrina had lip injections for this event.

The public was also attracted to the fashion jewelry she put on. Her locket was absolutely sophisticated and suited her hairstyle.

Year 2013: Damaging Record

Katrina Kaif 2013Credit: Getty Images

Katrina featured in the highest-grossing Bollywood film of perpetuity in “Dhoom 3” and she looks actually pleased with her success in this photo, with her a little visible crow’s feet. People can not aid but focus on her plumped face cheeks, highlighted with the pink blush.

As a three decades old, she has managed to preserve her beautiful account with the ideal eye makeup and tidy eyebrows. It’s very easy to love her long, thick straight hair as well.

Year 2015: Face Fillers

Katrina Kaif 2015Credit: Getty Images

Katrina went to the Cannes Movie Festival with her face appearing like an additional person. It’s either she gained weight or had botox that provided her those puffy cheeks. A great deal of individuals believe the later.

Although her face really did not look natural, we think the red lipstick and smokey eye shadows matched her perfectly.

Year 2018: Keeping In Shape

Katrina Kaif 2018Source: India.com

Katrina is still a head turner since she’s reached 35. She keeps her hot physique and sexy hips in contact a good diet regimen and exercise routines such as yoga, Pilates and weight training. She doesn’t seem to need liposuction for now.

She came to the Vogue Elegance Honors red rug with this underrated but stunning red dress, which exposed her lengthy slim legs and elegant feet. She looked divine in this photo.

More Information concerning Katrina Kaif

Real Name: Katrina Turquotte

Birthday: 16 July 1983

Star Sign: Cancer

Birth Place: Hong Kong

Occupation: Starlet, Model

Net Worth: $30 Million

Nationality: British, Indian

Race\/ Ethnicity: Indian, English

Relationship: Dating

Children: None

Height: 1.74 m (5 ft 8 1\/2 in)

Weight: 56 kg (123 lbs)

Body Measurement: 34-26-34 Inches

Bra Size: 34B

Dress Size: 6 (US)

Shoe Size: 9 (United States)

Natural Hair Color: Black

Natural Eye Color: Dark Brown

Social Media:Instagram, Facebook, Twitter


Being a Boll
ywood superstar has offered Katrina Kaif both fame and examination. She is conveniently among the hottest stars in India today which means a lot of females admire her as the criterion for real beauty.

While some believe Katrina’s face and body are natural, others state her looks are fake and has been cosmetically improved via cosmetic surgery. Though she has never ever acknowledged any of these rumors, we do believe Katrina has a plastic surgeon on her side.

After some detailed evaluation, we believe Katrina likely have undertaken a nose job, botox and lip fillers. In regards to her bust and butt size. We haven’t located conclusive proof to sustain the boob job insurance claims, so we believe she has all-natural boobs. Regardless, Katrina has shown she is a Bollywood success and will continue to be as a warm skill in this competitive industry.

( Included Photo Source: Bollywood Hungama)


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