Did Adriana Lima Have Plastic Surgery?

Brazilian design Adriana Lima is best known as among Victoria’s Secret Angels. She has earned the difference of becoming part of the prestigious annual style show for nearly ten years (1999-2018) and was named one of the most Belongings Victoria’s Secret Angel in 2017.

Adriana began making a mark in the modeling globe at a young age of 15, after winning in the “Supermodel of Brazil” competitors. Since then, her gorgeous face and warm body have graced magazine covers and billboards around the globe. She’s likewise the spokesmodel for the prominent makeup brand Maybelline.

But even as her appearance is close to excellence, rumors are plentiful that Adriana undertook cosmetic surgery to enhance her looks. Particularly, individuals guessed that she had a breast implant that really made a distinction in the cup size of her breasts.

Fans likewise thought that the cover girl had augmentations to her nose and lips to boost her beauty. And since she’s a little bit older, Adriana may have likewise started having normal botox.

But in spite of the reports, this Brazilian runway star and some-time actress has rejected that she sees a plastic surgeon. She doesn’t take part neither delight journalism in discussions about what component of her is real or fake.

Before & After Photos

Did the most lauded VS Angel ever before get help from cosmetic surgery? To figure out what’s natural or cosmetically improved with her beauty, we’ve experienced numerous pictures before and after Adriana became famous.

See our “exclusive” contrast pictures below.

Did Adriana have botox?

Did Adriana Lima Have Botox?

Something regarding Adriana’s face appears various in these images. She had lines and noticeable cheekbones in the before photo but those disappeared in the after image.

Has Adriana put on weight, which added to the change in her face form and puffiness? Or is this the result of botox injections? The area around her cheeks and under the mouth is abnormally smoother in the pic to the right.

Now that she remains in her late ’30s, Adriana might be revealing indications of aging to ensure that can clarify why she might be obtaining a cosmetic improvement to maintain her youthful look. What do you reckon?

Has Lima had breast implants?

Has Adriana Lima Had Breast Implants?

When this supermodel was simply beginning, she had small breasts and a level chest as this before picture will show. But as she ended up being popular, Adriana’s boobs came to be busty. The change in the breast size plainly recommends that she had a breast augmentation.

However, if this is true, then her implants look fairly all-natural and fitting for the size of her upper body. And, if she did this to help her job then it’s undoubtedly a good step. She looks also hotter and more ideal after the boob job.

Does she have nose job?

Does Adriana Lima Have Nose Job?

Adriana has been rumored to have a rhinoplasty, with some followers citing that her nose bridge looks thinner and the pointer seems squeezed. But absolutely nothing suggests those adjustments in these before and after photos.

Comparing what’s right here, Adriana’s nose appears to be similar in shape and size. It doesn’t resemble she had a nose surgery. If you see a distinction, you can wager that it’s the job of an excellent makeup artist. Don’t you assume so?

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Did Adriana Lima get lip fillers?

Did Adriana Lima Get Lip Injections?

People guess that Adriana obtains lip injections to improve that sensuous and alluring expression on her face. But based upon these images, it looks like this supermodel has naturally pouty lips. We would certainly bet that she has no lip fillers. Her younger photo reveals that the size of her lips is the same as her older self.

What about Adriana’s teeth?

Adriana Lima's Teeth

It appears like Adriana could’ve had a gum reduction surgery to take care of the deepness of her gumline so that her smile looks better on cam. But the means we see it, her teeth show no indications of oral veneers or braces. She did not need to do a lot with her dental expert to change that gorgeous smile and we love it!

Adriana’s Transformation

Let’s see exactly how this Brazilian design looks back then and now. See if we can pick up any kind of “additional” work or prove once and for all that she is indeed a natural hottie. Who knows!


Young Adriana Lima during her childhood days.Source: Twitter
Since Adriana Lima has always been a rather girl, she signed up with and won countless crowns in charm competitions as a kid. Those big eyes are clearly her best attributes. Doesn’t she look like Britney Spears in this photo?


Adriana Lima as a teenagerSource: Pinterest
This was how Adriana looked like as a teen when she won the title “Supermodel of Brazil.” Beautiful at 15, Adriana had an attractive nose form and chin that made her account stood out.

Year 1998

Adriana Lima 1998Source: adrianalimafan.com
By this year, Lima landed her first magazine cover for Marie Claire Brazil and started ramping on the catwalks at style programs. She had a brief hairstyle at that time that think was unsightly but it in fact accentuated her infant face. Besides, she had a knockout body shape that’s excellent for the runway.

Year 2000

Adriana Lima 2000Source: adrianalimafan.com
As 19 years of age Adriana Lima enhanced ASSUMPTION advertisements, she was on her way to ending up being a star on the international path. This time around she had tool curly hair and dark purple lipstick that made her look elder for her age. But notification that her chest location was quite level. It differed from exactly how it would certainly appear a few years later…

Year 2003

Adriana Lima 2003Photo Credit rating: Frank Micelotta\/Getty Images
Adriana has modeled at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show quite a number times before this. However, this was the year her framework remained in top form with her boobs fuller, her cleavage deeper, and her legs in best shape.

People speculated that she had breast augmentation to boost her bust size as she designed among the most expensive push-up bras from Victoria’s Secret.

Year 2006

Adriana Lima 2006Source: Pinterest
Adriana Lima was on the cover of GQ’s top-selling concern for this year. The magazine called her “The World’s Most Voluptuous Virgin.” She looked so refreshingly attractive in this image with her wavy hair and intense eye makeup. You can see that her teeth and periodontals aren’t flawless but she still has a lovely smile.

Year 2009

Adriana Lima 2009Credit: Julien M. Hekimian\/Getty Images Europe
At 35 years old, Adriana wed NBA star Marko Jarić and became pregnant with their first little girl. She looks so classy and sophisticated in this lovely close with only a set of hoop earrings to highlight her look.

Year 2012

Adriana Lima 2012Credit: Bryan Bedder\/Getty Images North America
Adriana still commanded the phase in this Victoria Secret’s lingerie also after giving birth to her 2nd youngster. You can see some cellulite on her body but there are no traces of liposuction or abdominoplasty on her kind. To get in shape, Adriana works with an individual instructor for her exercise and diet.

Year 2016

Adriana Lima 2016Photo Debt: Larry Busacca\/Getty Images
Adriana participated in the Met Gala the year she divorced from her partner looking unbothered by the reports concerning her married life. She looked so glossy with her neatly brushed eyebrows. She put on a little trace of cosmetics, except for a striking red lipstick and deeply drawn eyeliner.

Her hairstyle drew out her eyes, chin and jawline. Her extravagant and extensive skin care regular worked so well for her due to the fact that her face is still unblemished besides these years of using makeup.

Year 2018

Adriana Lima 2018Photo Credit report: Jamie McCarthy\/Getty Images
Adriana’s puffy face cheeks stimulated one more round of botox rumors but could it be just the makeup she’s putting on? And did she have a breast reduction surgery to get her implants removed? It resembles she’s back to her real boobs in this gown. There’s a tiny hint of bosom to her kind unlike when she’s strolling the runway because sexy VS lingerie.

More Information about Adriana Lima

Real Name: Adriana Francesca Lima

Birthday: 12th of June 1981

Star Sign: Gemini

Birth Place: Salvador, Bahia, Brazil

Occupation: Version, Actress

Net Worth: $8
5 Million

Nationality: Brazilian

Race\/ Ethnicity: Pardo Brazilian, Portuguese, Swiss, West Indian, Japanese

Relationship: Dating

Children: Valentina Lima Jarić, Sienna Lima Jarić

Height: 1.78 m (5 feet 10 in)

Weight: 60 kg (132 lbs)

Body Measurement: 34-24-35 Inches

Bra Size: 34B

Dress Size: 4 (United States)

Shoe Size: 8.5 (United States)

Natural Hair Color: Dark Brown

Natural Eye Color: Blue

Social Media:Instagram, Facebook, Twitter


Adriana Lima has never ever talked about her alleged plastic surgeries so the buzz regarding her botox, rhinoplasty and lip fillers continue to be speculations. It’s tough to tell differences to her face. From where we sit, absolutely nothing much has transformed in those locations. But we do see the extremely dramatic transformation of her breasts, especially after becoming a mother of two. She has never spoken about her breast implant but the adjustments to her chest are quite apparent given that she puts her body on screen time after time at the Victoria’s Secret Style Show.

With her possible breast augmentations, her fans question if she has additionally had done modifications to her body including her buttocks since she’s older. In fairness to Adriana, however, it is public knowledge that she has an inflexible workout schedule at the health club and follows a stringent diet regimen plan, as she typically posts these on her social media accounts.

But people will certainly remain to hypothesize about what’s natural or fake concerning her looks due to the fact that it is her bread and butter. Yet, if she wishes to maintain her plastic procedures personal, she’s completely entitled to be mum about it too.

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