Angelababy: Before and After

Angelababy, or Angela Yeung Fly reality, is one of China and Hong Kong’s greatest stars. Maturing amid her papa’s influence, who has a fashion industry, Angelababy was exposed to a life of glamour very early on.

As a teenager, she relocated to Hong Kong to pursue a modeling profession that turned into a movie opportunity. Angelababy is proficient in several languages, including English, hence it was also very easy for her to change in Hollywood, where she was called one of one of the most prominent Oriental celebrities under thirty years old.

But in the middle of her tale of success, Angelababy has been pestered with one of the most controversial plastic surgery rumors because she got popular for her heart-melting looks. The actress has been guessed to have obtained a nose job (rhinoplasty), a dual eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty), and a cosmetic modification on her chin.

Angelababy resolved these rumors by taking those who questioned her charm to court. She likewise went through a recorded examination with a cosmetic surgeon in Beijing to refute those plastic surgery stories.

However, some followers believe that the Chinese surgeon was paid under the table.

I needs to confess that this superstar is a stunner but something regarding her appearance did drastically change over the years. While changes can and do occur normally for some girls, but can we claim the exact same thing about her?

Furthermore, is she the chameleon who knows just how to highlight her ideal features and conceal her flaws– or did she have some treatments done?

Before & After Photos

Angela child claims that she’s an all-natural with acquired great genes so allow’s go over several of her pictures and I’ll let you choose whether she’s real or fake.

Did Angelababy have eye surgery?

Angelababy Eye Surgery Before and After

Angelababy has one of the most sparkling big eyes in Asia so some people believe that she may have gone through an eye surgery to boost her dual eyelids.

When she was more youthful, the skin creases on her eyes do look much less popular though (cam angle?). There’s additionally no makeup method in the “after” picture that can make those dual eyelids pop like that, so I can recognize where the sounds are coming from.

Some fans likewise think that Angelababy had a cut on the side of her eyes to increase its size and width. Apparently, this is a prominent procedure amongst Oriental stars so I wouldn’t be stunned if she did have her eyes broaden. What do you think?

Has Angelababy had a nose job?

Angelababy Nose Job Before and After

Despite what the reports claim, I do not assume Angelababy got her nose dealt with. To me, the shapes and size of her nose are the same based upon this old picture vs her most recent image. If her nose did have small differences, it’s most likely the angle of the shot or the makeup style. There aren’t extreme adjustments so I ‘d say this is her natural nose.

Does she have chin implant?

Angelababy Chin Implant Before and After

Angelababy’s chin in this “after” picture looks longer and pointier compared to her younger self, where her chin recedes and looks a lot more rounded and brief. Her jawline likewise looks more lengthened and her face form appears thinner as well.

Now, whether this is due to the fact that she slimmed down, lost infant fat, or as a result of chin implant, I’ll let you decide. All I can state is if this report holds true, then she has a truly excellent surgeon on her side. Her v-shape face is perfect!

Did she get a boob job?

Did Angelababy get a boob job?

I don’t believe that Angelababy had a boob job or a breast improvement surgery. I assume the outfit she used in this “after” photo had a good support base so her bosom was clearly defined. Looking very closely at the “before” photo, I would certainly state that the size of her breasts is the same. It’s small, like any type of normal Asian body, but still complete and rounded.

What concerning lip reduction?

Angelababy lip reduction before and after

There have been talks recommending that Angelababy may have gone through a lip reduction surgery on her upper lip when she was young. I must confess, I kind of agree.

If you consider her later image, her lips aren’t as complete and its shape appears to be extra specified today. The corners of her mouth also seem to have been altered to a much more balanced form. Now whether this is natural growth or post-surgery outcome, I’ll leave that to you.

Angelababy: Then and Now

Under the blade or otherwise, there is no rejecting that Angela has angelic features. Let’s have a look at her makeover over the years and before she ended up being famous.

Childhood: Shanghai birthed beauty

Angelababy during her childhood

via Twitter

Pretty Angelababy was born in Shanghai to Euro-Asian parents and this is part of the reason why she says that a few of her functions are all-natural and not cosmetically changed.

Not sure about you but based upon this photo, I kind of think her.

Teenager: They called her ‘baby’

Angelababy as a teenager

via Reddit

She got the nickname “Child” as a main institution trainee and it stuck also as she’s now in her 30s. This photo of Angelababy, who began a modeling career at 14, is I think her most natural look.

I just don’t get the pig tails combined with the rounded-hoop jewelry though. It sends a challenging message for whatever image she intends to invoke. Her hairstyle claims cutesy young adult but her devices are a lot more suited for a grown up woman.

Year 2007: Film debut

Angelababy in 2007


She began her motion picture look with “Unimportant Issues,” where she had a five-minute exposure. But it was the beginning of a prospering job that would certainly make her among the most preferred Oriental stars.

At this factor, Angelababy’s physical change has begun with the apparent and drastic change to her eyes. I have actually got to confess, she looks younger and prettier with a sense of pureness in her beauty.

Year 2013: The rise to stardom

Angelababy in 2013


Angelababy’s media existence grew much more preferred as the years rolled but the cosmetic surgery buzz bordering her likewise grew louder. If she had her chin and jaws boosted, then I believe this may be the year as she clearly has a thinner face form and longer chin. Her lips additionally ended up being smaller.

Then once again, this picture might simply have been a poor photoshop job.

Year 2015: Hollywood debut

Angelababy in 2015

via Pinterest

Somehow, when Angelbaby debuted in Hollywood in the motion picture “Hitman: Agent 47” she had rounder chin once again. Did she take out her rumored chin implants? Her face attributes, especially around the eyes, look even more fine-tuned now. She’s fairly the head turner!

Year 2018: Skinny but elegant

Angelababy in 2018


Baby displayed her panache for style in this beautiful gown. She looks fairly skinny but she’s still a beauty. She hasn’t revealed any kind of indicators old at all!

Year 2019: Love for fashion

Angelababy in 2019


The superstar attends a Christian Dior style show in France with her hair pulled up nicely and just a few hairs loose. I love her selection of red lipstick that specified her lip shape so well. She wore an easy little black outfit for this affair and her general appearance is smashing and definitely French chic.

More Info regarding Angelababy

Real Name: Angela Yeung Wing (Yang Ying)

Chinese Name: 杨颖

Birthday: 28 February 1989

Star Sign: Pisces

Birth Place: Shanghai, China

Nationality: Chinese, Hong Kong

Race\/ Ethnicity: Chinese, German

Occupation: Starlet, Model, TV personality

Net Worth: $50 Million

Relationship: Married to Huang Xiaoming

Children: Little Sponge (小海绵)

Height: 1.68 m (5 feet 6 in)

Weight: 46 kg (102 lb)

Body Measurement: 32-23-34 Inches

Bra Size: 32B

Dress Size: Unknown

Shoe Size: 8 (United States)

Natural Hair Color: Black

Natural Eye Color: Dark Brown


Call it envy, jealousy or whatever but according to some individuals, Angelababy’s charm is far from all-natural. Her eyes have been a major talking point but in my opinion, I do not believe the changes were too dramatic.

If all the sounds held true, nonetheless, then she must have a top cosmetic surgeon to work on boosting her looks. Let’s face it, when you are one of one of the most well-known faces in the Chinese region, you merely can not risk mishandling a surgery.

As much as her chin is concerned, there are evidently chin fillers and this isn’t technically a surgical process. So, in a way, she’s kinda best refuting she had “plastic surgery” and the fact is, absolutely nothing can be proven.

In terms of her nose, I still can’t get on board with the nose surgery reports. It looks the very same to me. As a matter of fact, it looks gorgeous the means it is … so why fix it if it’s not damaged, right?

( Featured Picture Resource: Weibo)


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